Supposed Devkit For Next-Gen Xbox “Durango” Sells On eBay For $20,100

The story of the “Durango” devkit looks like it’s about ready to be confirmed or denied once and for all. We originally saw this supposed devkit for the next generation of Xbox back in July, in a sales post on the Assembler Games forum. There was some speculation as to the veracity of the devkit, with Eurogamer claiming their sources who had access to real devkits inside studios working on next-gen games confirming it as the real deal. Now, the same person who made the Assembler Games post has put a Durango up on eBay, and it has now sold for over twenty grand.

Next-Gen Xbox Sells on eBay For $20100

Some still doubt whether the non-descript desktop tower could possibly be a a real Xbox 720 devkit, but all the signs point to yes. On top of Eurogamers confirmation with other developers, there’s also the fact that the seller is none other than “Super DaE,” the man behind both the original Assembler Games post and that supposed Kinect 2 data image from last week. If this guy is faking all of this, he’s doing it well enough to fool actual Xbox 720 developers, and he’s playing a hell of a long con with all this.

The most exciting part about the eBay sale is that, depending on who buys it, we might finally get full specs on the devkit. This won’t exactly confirm the final Xbox 720 specs, since devkits usually have more power than the actual console, but it will nonetheless give us a pretty good idea what to expect. We’ll be able to confirm or deny earlier rumors about NVIDIA and Intel’s respective involvements in the console, too. Of course, there’s always a chance that Microsoft themselves paid $20,100 to make the devkit disappear, but let’s hope not.

Xbox 720 Devkit "Durango" Devkit Sells For $20100 On eBay

The seller, meanwhile, claims to still have a second Durango. In a tweet from yesterday, Super DaE says the original unit seen on Assembler Games and the one sold on eBay are two different Durangos, and he’ll be keeping the unsold one for himself. It’d be nice if he got around to telling us the actual specs, though keeping those a secret may have been additional incentive for people to pay big bucks for the one he was selling.

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