Sony Planning On Releasing PS3-Successor In 2013

According to the Wall Street Journal’s undisclosed sources, Sony is planning on releasing a new PlayStation console in 2013. There aren’t any details about this upcoming console, only that the next console will feature an optical drive instead of being a download-only console like the PSP Go. Sony’s reasoning is that “Internet connections are too inconsistent around the world,” according to the article.

I’m not so sure what they mean by “inconsistent,” but I do buy the idea that an internet only console would face challenges in the worldwide market. A single-layer bluray disc, used by PS3 games, holds 25 GB of data. That’s almost equivalent to streaming 11 hours of Netflix in HD. Depending on your plan, going on a game buying binge could put you over your ISP’s bandwidth limit. It’s not in a popular console-maker’s interest to limit the number of games a parent will buy their kids for Christmas or to limit their audience to people with good ISPs.

Will Sony reveal a new PlayStation in 2013? That’s not unlikely. Believe it or not, the PS3 debuted in late 2006, making the console almost six years old. The PlayStation 2 was also around for six years before its successor, and the original PlayStation had a little over five years in the spotlight. By 2013, the PS3 would be slightly overdue for its retirement.

On the other hand, the PS3 was an expensive console, which launched for $599 for the version with a HDMI port and WiFi. This was before the whole “global economic downturn” in 2008 which many parts of the world are still feeling the effects of. It’s not unthinkable that Sony would further delay a hardware update this generation.

What would you like to see from the next PlayStation console? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Agustinustanzil

    ps3 still not fully used… only few game have 1080p quality 

  • Michael Schnier

    Wouldn’t that imply that the PS3’s hardware isn’t enough, since the developers can’t get all the PS3 games to run at a decent framerate in 1080p?

  • Pavelkushnerov

    The PS3’s hardware is enough and it could be even argued a little better than the Xbox 360 but many game companies release their games on all different platforms so it makes it easier for them to dumb down the graphics so they don’t have to rewrite as much

  • BatesOut

    It’s not only a little better than the 360, it is well known that the PS3’s hardware pisses all over the 360 and always will.  I have both and the 360 just gathers dust considering it’s a pile of steaming shit as far as what I can do on it compared with the PS3.

  • Grzegorz Lipinski

    PS3 in a “younger” console than X360 so it’s obvious that components used for building up PS3 are more powerful. It is true that graphics quality (see Uncharted series) are/could be way more better than X360’s. But financiall state of Sony as a company is quite poor. Microsoft can spend some money on new console sale(s), thay can afford to sell it at price bit lower that production cost. That is what they did when X360 has been released. Secondly, Microsoft is paying game developers for earlier game releases for their (X360) console (CoD series ie.). Also, making games for X360 is a way more simple (X360 is some kind of PC – similar architecture) while making games for PS3 is a pain in an you know where… Although I’m looking forward to see a nextgen PS console.

  • Grzegorz Lipinski

    BTW, sorry for my English :P

  • Michael Schnier

    God Of War 3. Not released for Xbox. 
    720p max.

  • mike

    ps3 you dont have to pay to play online and xbox 360 you do