Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) Jailbroken By Geohot And Fail0verflow!! Runs Homebrew [VIDEO]

Yes, it’s true. The PlayStation 3 (PS3) has been jailbroken. After popping out and in and out of the iOS jailbreak scene, Geohot has now jailbroken the PS3 on firmware 3.55. With his jailbreak, we can now install homebrew packages in the PlayStation 3.

This is a very new jailbreak, so there aren’t any useful homebrew packages to install yet, but this opens the doors for developers to start building! We should mention that this does NOT allow you to play pirated PS3 games. That’s not what this is about. This is about opening the doors to allow the installation of 3rd party packages on the system. Some one may figure this out, in the coming months, but right now, You CANNOT play pirated PS3 games on firmware 3.55.

Geohot posted this video, showing his jailbreak:

Another team working on the PS3 jailbreak is fail0verflow. Geohot has given props to this team (or person), for part of his jailbreak. These guys are working on bringing Linux back to the PS3. They recently tried to demo this at 27c3 event, but didn’t quite have video working. Here’s a proper demo of what they are working on:

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