PlayStation 4 “Orbis” Could Be Arriving In 2013 With No PS3 Or Used Game Support

The talk about next-generation consoles from both Microsoft and Sony has been secretive. In fact, not much is known about the future of the Xbox or PlayStation besides information from various rumors that have circulated around the Internet. Nintendo is the only company that has released details of their next-generation console dubbed the Wii U coming this holiday season.

Playstation 4 "Orbis"

The Verge has recently reported however, the successor to the PlayStation 3 will be the PlayStation “Orbis”, coming just in time for the holiday season in 2013. The proposed internals for the PlayStation 4 include an AMD x64 CPU and AMD Southern Islands GPU that can output at 4096 x 2160, which is in the range of what’s considered 4k resolution. Another interesting, but disappointed aspect to the PlayStation “Orbis” is that Sony will be clamping down on the used game market and backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 3.

Games will be available as either Blu-ray discs or PSN downloads, but even in the former category of physical media, Orbis is apparently locking titles to PSN accounts so as to lock down on the used game market. Also out of the picture? Backwards compatibility for PlayStation 3.

With more and more talk surfacing on the next-generation consoles destroying the used game market, this rumor could hold some truth. We will make sure to keep our eyes peeled for any further developments on Sony’s next-generation console, in the mean time please stay tuned.

Do you believe that Sony will be clamping down on PlayStation 3 support and used games with the PlayStation 4? Does this rumor holds truth? Share your thoughts in the comments section below…

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  • Al

    I’ve been a life long PS supporter and since the original PSone.
    If in fact this rumor turns out to be true, I will deffinitly cross over to Xbox,
    Sell all my Ps 1, 2, 3 games and be done with sony (own more then 100 ps titles). They have become nothing more then money hungry, in the down slide company.
    We as consumers have forgotten who really holds the keys to certain
    Products making or not. Iove my backwards copatible PS3 for which I have
    Shelled out over $500 when it first came out but I will be done with sony
    In a hearth beat if the do this…..

  • Brandan Pao

    @ AI, Indeed ~ now all my ps2 games just sits there sucking dust due to the fact that my ps3 does not have any ps2 backwards capability and yet they keep making game like resident evil HD or silent hill HD which are what i already had ! c’mon and put out something like a patch or update for the ps3 so we can play the old games ! if you can do like _________ HD then you must have a way to do so !!!!!

  • Evan

    What a money grab. I’d say I’ll switch to xbox, but I would be really surprised if they aren’t planning on doing the same thing.

  • Richard Walsh

    When I first read that theu were thinking of not allowing people to sell second hand games I was angry, but then I realised that I buy most of my games (for PC) from Steam, where they are locked to your account too (Unless you buy them as a gift, receive them as a gift, or own two of one game).
    The reason that I don’t mind that is that when I buy games on Steam they are SOOO much cheaper then in stores. (Especially seeing as I only tend to buy games when they have crazy one day sales of 75% off).
    So if they made games significantly cheaper then this could actually be good.
    (You could end up better off if they made them cheaper by more than the amount you could have sold them for second hand when you were finished with them).
    It would mean you would need to be more cautious buying games though,
    if it’s a crap game, you can’t just sell it on ebay.