OpenFeint Introduces a New System to Allow Devs to Sell Content Without Updating!

When the Apple GameCenter came out, a lot of people predicted that services like OpenFeint would slowly disappear… This is far from the case however, OpenFeint is making its mission to continue to add services that are not available through the Apple Game Center. One of these services includes a brand new way for developers to sell in game content. You see, normally a dev would have to get Apple’s approval before adding new purchasable game content; but now with OpenFeint X this issue with constantly needing to get approved by Apple will disappear.


Does this mean a lot will change for you…the end user? No, really this is only interesting to developers, as it gives them more options when developing apps. However, it does mean that you may be seeing a lot more from OpenFeint in the future. Also an interesting thing to note is OpenFeint is hosting a “Million Dollar Challenge”, where 100 developers will be able to use their new OpenFeint X service and will be able to make $10,000 without paying a revenue share to OpenFeint. Pretty cool huh?

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