Need For Speed: Most Wanted Demo Hits Xbox Live

The latest installment of the long-running Need For Speed arcade racing franchise came out a couple weeks ago, but just a couple days ago, Electronic Arts deigned to release a demo for it. If you aren’t sure whether you’re interested in another Criterion-developed NFS game, after the mediocrity that was the Hot Pursuit reboot, you might want to check the demo out and decide for yourself.

This time around, Criterion is rebooting another older entry in the series, Most WantedThe original Most Wanted was released back in 2005 on last-gen consoles, and remains one of the best entries in the entire series – perhaps beaten only by the fantastic Underground and Underground 2. Early reviews for the Most Wanted reboot are pretty positive, and it appears to be faring much better than Criterion’s last attempt at a Need For Speed game.

You can grab the demo from the Xbox Live site, or just boot up your console and find it from your dashboard. It’s a 1.5GB download, and might be worth checking out if you’re a arcade racing fan. Of course, given the odd timing of this demo release, a ton of interested parties will have already played the full version, but if you haven’t, now’s your chance.

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