EA Shows Off Intro To SimCity [Video]

We’ve seen in-game videos and screenshots for 2013’s version of SimCity during E3, but now it’s we’re in the middle of CES and the game’s release is only a couple months away, so we can understand that EA wants to build some buzz around their remake of the classic municipal simulation game.

The minute and a half video is the opening cinematic to the game, which features terrain, traffic, transit, power plants, factories, and most of what you would expect in a city management simulation game. The intro provides clips that show off the power grid and water view, build tools, and showcases the new graphical engine that modernizes the game but still retains the classic charm of SimCity. It looks like a game Maxis would have wanted to publish in the mid 90s.

sim city

As we’ve seen in the past, SimCity‘s game engine looks fantastic.

While the trailer says the game is coming on March 8th–that’s the European release. In North America, SimCity will debut three days earlier on March 5th on the PC–while the Mac release date is still unconfirmed. (It’s a little off from the February release date, announced over the summer.)

If you aren’t too keen on buying the game from a brick and mortar store, you can download the game through Origin, EA’s proprietary distribution service. SimCity might be the game that convinces me to download Origin, seeing as it’s required for online multiplayer. (One word of caution: SimCity requires an internet connection to play.)

sim city screenshot

Just a preview of the tools that will be available in-game.

If you need more of a SimCity fix, the development team was answering questions on Reddit back in December. Are you excited for SimCity 2013? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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