Diablo 3 Open Beta Weekend Starts 1PM PDT

Blizzard’s Battle.net blog announced today that Diablo III will be in Open Beta Weekend, from today at noon to Monday at 10 AM (PDT). The Diablo series is the definitive action RPG, which popularized a combination of pen and paper RPG games and real time gameplay and spawned countless imitators.

Diablo III was first announced in 2008, and updates on the previous games by replacing the isometric 2D sprite graphics with rendered 3D and an auction house where players can buy and sell game items for real money. This weekend Blizzard wants to put its massive servers through a stress test and is opening the door for anyone with a Battle.net account. This is when I realize that I picked the worst weekend to finish my philosophy take-home exam.

For those of you who have no obligations (or didn’t put off your only take-home to the last possible minute), you will be able to level each of the five heroic characters (the Witch Doctor, Barbarian, Wizard, Monk, and Demon Hunter) to level 13. The announcement specifically mentions “heroic” characters. Does this just mean protagonists or is this a hint that there will be other playable characters in the finished game? (Come on, Archivist!)

If you have a valid Battle.net account and have a free weekend to yourself, you can download the Diablo III client for Windows or Mac OS. If you excuse me I’m going to be switching between Nethack and Gauntlet 2, while crying to myself.

What character build are you going to play? The babe with the power of voodoo? Let us know what you do in the comments section below.

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