iSNES Cydia App: (Super Nintendo) SNES Emulator For iPhone And iPod Touch

Sold your SNES recently? No worries! Enjoying playing retro games like Donkey Kong, Super Mario Kart and Super Mario World with iSNES, a fully featured Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator for iPhone and iPod Touch.


  • Wiimote support with classic controller support through BTStack (btstack is required).
  • Multiplayer on one device by using multiple wiimotes.
  • Built in browser (no need to manually upload your ROMs).
  • Achievements – a nice twist for added replay value.
  • Excellent ROM compatibility. <li>Cheat support.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Runs well on IPhone 3G/iPod Touch 2 and excellenty on IPhone 3GS and above.
  • Landscape and portrait modes.
  • Multiple skins and save states.
  • Save state previews.

Users who wish to manually place their ROMs (using IPhone Explorer or a similar device) may place their ROMs in /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/SNES/. For more information, please visit

Note: DO NOT contact the author for ROM images. This is an emulator, and requires ROM images. No ROMs are included. This software uses cocos2d and requires firmware 3.1 or higher.

Changelog v1.1:

  • Added hidden achievements
  • Fixed X/Y button issues in landscape

iSNES is available in the Cydia Store via BigBoss repository for $4.99

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  • Xywix

    ooo….i have a computer emulator for all those games :D…it would b amazing to have all those good ol games bak on the iphone

  • Romvillage

    really cool, its nice to see all the classic games gone portable, how well does it run? I've experienced some choppiness before

  • Dusty

    It runs good, some glitches. I still recommend SNES4iPhone…
    Hopefully ZodTTD updates these emulators.

  • Raev

    Hey Dusty, do you know if there is a way to back up the save states/save games from iSnes to snes4iphone? I can’t find where iSnes saved them…


  • Arfo333

    9 Months late but yes use DiskAid and go into Media>Roms and then just copy .svs files

  • Arfo333

    9 Months late but yes use DiskAid and go into Media>Roms and then just copy .svs files

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  • Ronit Shaqiri

    I’m sorry installed iSnes and I realized that I didn’t want it anymore but there’s something called BTstack which came  with the iSnes and no matter how much I search in cydia I can’t find it to delete it help pleasee?

  • Sofakingcool

    So 2010 its not funny