Zeppelin Cydia Tweak Updated To Fix Issues With FakeCarrier, MakeItMine Etc. [Do Not Upgrade]

We recently told you about a fun Cydia tweak called Zeppelin, which can be used to replace the carrier text on your iOS device with a logo. It’s quite useful too, because now you have more space on your status bar to display the date, time etc. The tweak has been receiving a lot of updates recently, yet users have been complaining of it not working and giving errors after installation.

Zeppelin has now been updated to version 0.0.7-22, which claims to fix certain issues with Cydia tweaks like FakeCarrier, MakeItMine and many more. Some other bug fixes were also taken care of. But, I strongly recommend that you do not upgrade to this new version of the tweak. After installation, I have faced problems with the stock Photo.app and Camera.app.

Version 0.0.7-22 fixes some issues, but it has evidently given birth to some major ones. None of the other camera apps like Camera+, Genius Camera and a few others including the stock Camera.app have been crashing ever since the upgrade. Stick to the previous version till the developer updates and fixes this issue. We will keep you updated!

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  • Ricky

    should i just wait for them to fix these issues before upgrading zeppelin?

  • Scouseruk1210

    yea after the update i couldnt open some apps on my phone, they would try to open but then crash

  • http://www.facebook.com/YigitcanAkkas Yiğitcan Ş. Akkaş

    I updated it without realizing, no crashes in no camera app so far, not even in camera+ 2.4, works just fine

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Erikas-Budykinas/100000038981342 Erikas Budykinas

    I have updated it too and everything is working just fine…
    (iphone 4s)

  • Maxi

    Same here, when I did the upgrade I can’t launch safari, or other applications wich need internet… 

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