Zephyr Cydia Tweak Updated With Landscape App Switching And Notification Center Peeking

Zephyr, the jailbreak tweak that brought true multitasking and multi-touch gestures to iOS, has received another update. Developer Chpwn is always providing updates for this tweak, with new features, improvements and bug fixes. The latest update adds landscape support to the iPhone, landscape app switching and notification peeking.

Zephyr 1.3 and all the previous versions have been downloaded thousands of times, and is one of the most popular tweaks on Cydia. If you’re a jailbroken iOS device user, then you must’ve heard of this tweak or better, own it. There are two important updates that make it into v1.3.

First, the iPhone and iPod Touch gets Landscape support, which brings landscape app switching. In landscape mode, you can switch between apps just by swiping left or right, no need to hit the Home button to switch between apps. Secondly, whenever you’re in an app and want to take a peek at the Notification Center, just pull down to reveal a part of the Notification Center. It doesn’t slide all the way down as it normally does. That can be useful sometimes.

  • Landscape switcher.
  • Switch apps in landscape.
  • Swipe down the app to open.
  • Peek at notifications and widgets!
  • Performance improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.

That’s all the new features in Zephyr 1.3 apart from some bug fixes and other improvements. If you’ve already bought the tweak, you can upgrade to the latest version for free. Zephyr is available in the BigBoss repo for $4.99.

Do you like the new improvements with this tweak? What else would you like Chpwn to add? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • Batman.oOo.

    Whycome you say it be $2.99 and the screenie above shows $4.99. What kind of scam is this shit?

  • http://Michaelschnier.tumblr.com Michael Schnier

    Most likely a typo. If it were a scam, we’d have to be able to find some way of making money off it. :P

    It’s currently $4.99 in the BigBoss repo according to my device.

  • http://Michaelschnier.tumblr.com Michael Schnier

    Our editor’s just fixed the typo. No worries, caped crusader.

  • betagamma

    1) $4.99 is a huge bump in the pricing man, any hopes of it going down to around $3? I don’t want to pirate.
    2) Also looks like it makes the phone home button free..
    3) Will there any conflicts with the tweetbot gestures?

  • Fedor_Pavlovitsj

    This tweak is great, but steals A LOT of battery. Up to 10% every hour when the phone is just laying on the table.  I dont know if it is the tweak itself, or the combination/interaction with other tweaks.

  • Blackking323

    That’s not true , u should check other stuff on ur phone it’s not zephyr bro

  • Fedor_Pavlovitsj

    like I said: I don´t know if it´s the tweak itself or the combination of twaeks. It got fine again after removing Zephyr, and got bad when I installed it once more. (removed it again)