WinterBoard And Veency Updated For iOS 6.x Compatibility In Anticipation Of Evasi0n

While we are all waiting for the release of the iOS 6.x Untethered Jailbreak we overheard some good news. It looks like WinterBoard is now fully compatible with the iOS 6.1 firmware and also the A6 CPU. The A6 CPU can be found inside the iPhone 5 and the A6X CPU can be found in the 4th generation iPad with Retina display features an A6X CPU. If you have one of these devices it means WinterBoard will be the fastest as it has ever been because it can take advantage of your device’s full processing power.

Unfortunately however, even though WinterBoard is now compatible with the A6 chip themes will still need to be updated for the iOS 6 firmware generation. There is going to be a lot of themes with missing icons, for applications such as Passbook and Maps, as well as possible errors with the iPhone 5. Popular themes should be updated in a timely manner though, so it shouldn’t be too long before you can start using your favourite themes again.


A diagram of how Winterboard works

Among other things Saurik has tweeted that Veency is now compatible with iOS 6 and 6.1 in version 0.9.3908. If you have never heard of Veency before it is a VNC application for iOS that allows you to control your iOS device from your computer that has a VNC client installed.

Both of these packages will be available in Cydia and can be installed once you Jailbreak with Evasi0n. At the time of writing Evasi0n is at about 85% complete and is expected to be released at some point today.

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