Upcoming Do Not Disturb Cydia Tweak Called Luna [VIDEO]

Yet again, there’s another tweak on the horizon that will increase the functionality of the built in Do-Not-Disturb feature in iOS. Even though, there are already other tweaks in Cydia like Crescent that extend the Do-Not-Disturb feature in Cydia, there’s another tweak called Luna coming into town that’s been collaborated between iOS developer Ryan Petrich and iOS concept designer Sentry.

Ryan Petrich is a well know developer that’s created some amazing tweaks like Activator, Display Recorder, HapticPro, OverBoard, DisplayOut, LiveClock and much more. Sentry is no stranger either in the world of iOS design concepts like the new App Switcher, Lock Screen Toggles, and obviously the tweak called Auxo.


What is the tweak look like, will it be beneficial? Take a look below and watch the quick previews of the upcoming tweak called Luna! It will take after concept videos we have already covered here on iJailbreak.com.

Alerts Do Not Disturb Mode Concept

Do Not Disturb Mode Concept Activation

Luna looks to be a clever design, adding an element of surprise to the iOS. A simple swipe down gesture to both the lock screen and notification will either enable or disable the Do-Not-Disturb feature.

Not only does the tweak appear to be useful, but pretty cool as well. However, something else seems to be lurking in the background that hints towards notifications. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but we will see what Luna has in store in the near future. What do you think of this upcoming tweak called Luna? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • singemfrc

    Just as easy to add a Do Not Disturb toggle to SBSettings.

  • http://twitter.com/ghostshorty Jeremy Stott

    $1.99 i think is to much for this tweak. Someone should just make a toggle on/off in SBsettings