TapDeWiggle Cydia Tweak Allows You To Exit SpringBoard Editing Mode With A Single Tap

The TapDeWiggle Cydia tweak will allow you get out of the SpringBoard editing mode without having to press the Home button. Instead, with the TapDeWiggle Cydia tweak installed, you can get out of the SpringBoard editing mode by simply tapping a blank area on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad’s screen. Now, in case you are wondering what we mean when we say SpringBoard editing mode. We are referring to when you hold down on an applications icon on your SpringBoard (homescreen) and can move your applications around, while they wiggle.

Note: The TapDeWiggle Cydia tweak does not add any icons to your SpringBoard and furthermore does not have any configurable options.

TapDeWiggle Cydia TweakIf you are interested in the TapDeWiggle Cydia tweak you can find it through the BigBoss repo for FREE. Let us know your thoughts on TapDeWiggle in the comments section below…

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