SwitcherPlus Cydia Tweak: Native Multitasking App Switcher On The Lockscreen

SwitcherPlus is a new Cydia application from the developers of BiteSMS that allows the native multitasking “Switcher” feature to also be used on the lockscreen. SwitcherPlus is in BETA2 and available to the public by adding this repository http://www.switcherplus.com/cydia/spbeta1.0.

Release contains:

  • Added a really COOL “Kill Prior” feature in the “Wobble Kill” mode.
  • Added new “Torch Light” feature (configured via favs) so you can very quickly turn on / off the LED light – long hold also strobes just for fun.
  • Added triple click feature to launch either “Torch Light” or “Wobble Kill” mode.
  • The favs feature is now configurable for both lock and unlock modes.
  • Added a separator bar between fav apps and running apps.
  • Improved iPod settings for better control in lock and unlock modes.
  • New app icon….but still looking for a more meaningful app icon…
  • For those who don’t want SwitcherPlus active in the lock mode, you can now configure this.
  • Fixed all known bugs, except the “spam home button in lock screen can cause screen to lock” bug.

According to the developers, more features and customizations are coming soon!

SwitcherPlus SwitcherPlus Lockscreen

SwitcherPlus Settings SwitcherPlus Lockscreen Settings

SwitcherPlus Unlock Settings SwitcherPlus About

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