SnapTap – Enable iPhone 4 Volume Buttons To Take Photos and Videos

SnapTap is a tweak in Cydia that enables your iPhone volume buttons or wired headset buttons to take photos and videos with your iPhone. This way when you’re taking pictures, you can hold it like a normal camera and don’t need to adjust your fingers. Simply press the volume controls. Recently SnapTap was updated to version 1.1.1, adding full support for iPhone 4 and iOS 4.


  • Take photos easily by using the iPhone’s volume controls and the wired headset button.
  • Capture videos with the built-in camera app (3GS+) or with Cycorder on older phones.
  • Mute the shutter sound while taking pictures.
  • Finally take self-portrait pictures without figuring out where to press.
  • Tested with the built-in camera application, works with some others as well.
  • Use your headphones (wired headset) for taking pictures and videos as well.
  • Normal iPhone usage when not taking pictures/videos

Note: SnapTap is compatible with with many camera-enabled applications.

SnapTap is available in Cydia via BigBoss repository for $1.49


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  •  Xaroc

    Its a shame that Apple didnt allow this to pass. i know it goes against the rules they have laid in place, but damn…. i remember always using the volume buttons to snap pictures when i was sporting my BlackBerry Bold back in the day.

  • Dusty

    Yes it is. That’s where jailbreaking comes in handy :)