Saurik ‘Nearly’ Fixes Cydia Servers For Most Users

Originally, the Cydia servers enabling you to download packages and sources were down, due to enormous use of them following the recent untethered jailbreak. According to Saurik Cydia should work fine for users now, but I’m sure there will be exceptions among the general public.

Saurik cited that the reason for the sudden server break-down, even through precautions were set in place, was that there was an official time and date of the jailbreak release, where normally many users take a while to notice it and the traffic is delayed for Cydia. In his own words, “So, the thing that is different about this jailbreak is that @evad3rs provided a specific time; normally, usage follows a wave of discovery.”


As to users that still cannot access Cydia, Saurik said exactly that “As some Internet providers (especially for users in lands distant to me) cache DNS entries “too long”, some users may continue to get fails.”. I don’t know about you, but I live in the United Kingdom and I’m still getting the same errors. Come on Saurik, we want Cydia!

So is Cydia working for you? Is it slow? Is it fast? Is it how you remembered? Let us know all about it down in the comment section below, and if any of you also live in the UK, or other countries let us know about the state of Cydia in your country.

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  • Corey Moran

    Located in San Diego, CA and still experiencing issues.

  • Nass !!

    adding sources is taking forever.. and big-boss repo is hammered.

  • Kasper

    Dosen’t work optimal in Denmark :( !

  • Robert Karlsen

    Sweden. Cydia error!

  • Steven B.

    Can’t manage my account in MA, US

  • Jemma

    In the UK its not working well, I haven’t downloaded anything yet and i’ve been trying since the evasi0n release 5 hours ago.

  • victory

    I can’t manage my account on cydia i can’t download tweaks

  • MNoe

    its not working for me and I live in Lafayette Indiana

  • Tayyab Yar Khan

    Should i J.B with Evasion now? or Cydia tweaks having problems?

  • woland

    Swiss working fine operation complete , but bad thing there is no appsync

  • Martin Fritze Jacobsen

    Dosen’t work in Denmark

  • JowBlob

    Work sometimes, but very very very slowly … Germany

  • Sven Seiffert

    doesn’t work for me in germany.

  • martinas

    haha i just downloaded password pilot :D

  • Jack Gruber

    nothing in maryland

  • Linus Johansson

    Doesn’t work/very slow in Sweden.

  • anon

    Dosent work in sweden

  • 007

    France not working , any idea on Appsync ??

  • martinas

    2 tweaks alredy :)) seems to work alright in ireland :)

  • Swabo

    Croatia dont work :(

  • Joshua NUnez

    Same here … have been trying for hours !!

  • ArchimedesG

    Fresno CA, and still haven’t been able to download anything at all. Can’t even manage account.

  • felipe

    in sac ca all packages say “bad gateway” Patience is a virtue. at least we have a JB though!

  • martinas

    Ireland mine seems to work fine and just to let you know appsync 6 works just got cracked navigation on my iphone 4s

  • Iphone4s

    Errors out the ass can’t download anything in Wichita ks

  • Oronde Clp Jones

    Anyone know if ayecon theme works with iphone 5?

  • Nabiel

    cydia is slow with me an keeps getting internal server errors and also just giving blank screens with the cancel button. Im in Texas, U.S. come on saurik fix this.

  • Sherri Centeio Lafrance

    im in mass , USA also n i cant update my acount but i downloaded a few themes n five icon dock works but no font n winterboard finally worked.. but alot of themes not ready for the iphone 5 yet i noticed.. but hey i appreciate the hard work of the team n we got our jailbreak , its just a matter of time i guess :)

  • Nunos

    Dosen’t work in Portugal

  • deborinquen

    Not working in San Antonio, TX

  • Jon

    It keeps saying size mismatch for me in Iowa.

  • TP.

    mines is a lil sluggish

  • Damian W

    slow as F##K. Well it is not slow, but completely down. I could not refresh the bigboss repo for the whole day. I am from Canada.

  • Tullio

    Still not working N. CALIFORNIA

  • Matthew

    Can’t get the “manage account” in cydia to load anything. Is this because of the overload of people? Or a real problem with something?

  • Matts

    Getting errors such as the following: hash sum mismatch, size mismatch, htpp 404 error, cache load error, 1.1 500 internal server error, plus many more. What’s up???

  • Cornerstar31

    Server overload

  • David

    I am getting the same error. I thought it was my phone so redownloaded 6.1. This is awful been updating phone for 2 hours now

  • Chris

    I keep getting that 505 error when trying to install Winterboard (for ios6) :/

    Just gotta keep trying until it goes through!

  • Isaac Hidalgo

    I will wait until everyone goes to sleep, so @ 4 am I will be trying again….
    But technically, I am not going to use Cydia until next week…….. -_-

  • Ethyn Resausk

    Guess people aren’t very educated. For those with errors such as I it’s called High traffic flow this in always going to be unpreventable, because the numerous amount of people using the Cydia servers it’ll be like this a few days. I myself am greatly angered and frustrated by the tards hogging up the servers.

  • Angus Ho

    keep getting “Hash Sum mismatch”….is that due to Cydia’s overload or something went wrong with my JB (4S 6.1)

  • FuckApple

    Thailand & India fuckedup Cydia

  • merryJane

    working ok in Bali- indonesia. maybe just a luck :P

  • Wpf72

    Not working in uk, but gunna leave it for a couple of days !

  • maverickmax

    works fine in India…but occasionally i gives an error..nothing serious..but anyway the tweaks (most of them) aren’t updates for ios6+..

  • nodiii23

    In Croatia also very bad… :(

  • Avnit

    i can’t add source and can’t download tweaks. I’m from Mauritius(Indian Ocean)

  • Hello World

    Im in the US and its working fine.

  • malmahdi

    Cydia was working in Bahrain but with some delay due to heavy access, I Noticed today that I can’t see my installed packages on Cydia,

  • Fred Hill

    Nope, don’t worry it’s just the overload! Everything should be fine now anyway

  • Fred Hill

    How would you know if you haven’t attempted to access these servers yourself?