RemindMeAgain Cydia Tweak Will Ensure You Never Forget To Do A Task Scheduled In The Reminders App Again

If you are someone who relies on the Reminders app to get certain tasks done in the day then you will want to pay attention! A new Cydia tweak was released today called RemindMeAgain that will make sure you never forget to complete a scheduled task ever again.

The RemindMeAgain Cydia tweak extends the functionality of the Reminders app with one simple feature. The ability to configure when you are reminded of your tasks that you set yourself to do in the Reminders app. Although the Reminders app is a good task manager with great integrated iCloud syncing, sometimes it is easy to miss Reminder notifications when you have a lot of other messages and other notifications piling up.

RemindMeAgain Cydia Tweak

With RemindMeAgain installed, when you receive a Reminders notification, it will automatically create a new reminder with the same name set at a chosen time interval which will remind you again of the task at hand. This will go on until you check off that task in the Reminders app.

This is another example of a simple Cydia tweak that packs a great deal of usefulness. You can configure the tweak in the Settings app and you will find it on the BigBoss repo for free. Let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.

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