Quasar Cydia Tweak Lets You Run Multiple Apps In Separate Windows Simultaneously [iPad Only]

For the iPad to become a true computer competitor it has to be able to run multiple apps simultaneously in separate windows. It is no doubt that on a computer you can look at two or more applications at the same time, but on the iPad you can’t do this whatsoever. A new Cydia tweak released today however, aims to allow the iPad to compete with a computer’s window management.

Quasar Cydia Tweak

The Quasar Cydia tweak is the first of its kind and lets you manage multiple apps on the same screen, without having to switch between them. It’s basically a windows manager that opens up apps in separate windows so you can work on them simultaneously. The tweak is iPad only, no doubt, and works just like the regular multi-tasking in iOS. You double tap the home button and you can choose apps to be opened in windows. Closing the apps is done using the old fashioned way, but app windows can be closed without actually quitting the app in the background.

Adjusting of the windows is also possible, and this might come in handy (for example) when you’re playing a game and writing a note at the same time. Also, there are options to rotate the window in case you want to change their orientation. You can configure the options for this tweak from the Settings menu. Watch the video demonstration of Quasar in action below:

This is exactly what most people have been waiting for, some real multi-tasking and app management feature. The tweak is currently only available on the iPad and will cost you a whopping $9.99. You can download Quasar from the BigBoss repo. Try this tweak out and let us know if you found it useful in the comments section below…

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  • Abed F94

    so if a video is playing on one side of a screen and i opened another app on the screen beside it, will the video pause as it usualy does if i swich from it to another app in a normal ipad?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Noah-King/100002986562966 Noah King

    hello new ios 6 feature.
    Apple is gunna copy

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3HSFOTKE574XZGQWM63DPGZXHU billy

     yup, and make it even better, big advantage for us users :D

  • Anon

    This is true multi tasking. As for the most common question that people have, all windows that you open are live. So finally, you can have a youtube video playing in the background while you take notes on evernote. This thing is brilliant. couple of glitches do exist but this is game changing stuff.

  • Royorbs3

    I almost bought this, until i saw the price tag.  Very cool tweak but overpriced.  I may have paid up to $5

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  • Katie

    I purchased this based On your recommendations – It’s very buggy on my iPad 1, I found that apps don’t just crash, they freeze and force a complete restart. I am however learning which apps work, and this morning have 4 apps open without crashing. I added fullforce, I have no idea why it would add stability, it is probably just a coincidence. I did email the developer, he probably has a canned response, but to his credit he is trying to communicate. I think the app would be great for presentations, also running videos and radio streams in the background. Kind of pricey for such a buggy program, my suggestion to the developer was to offer a sale until he gets the worst bugs figured out (I think he is also adding requested features, which adds complexity to a fix). App has lots of potential, if you are willing to risk $10 it may be worth it as a novelty, but as a reliable tool it may not be ready yet.

  • Gabby12

    I don’t know if I want to pay that much for a tweak…Especially if something happens to my phone and I un-jailbreak it, leaving me out of however much I spent.

  • Johnny

    welp, this is embarrassing

  • lowb35

    I think stability depends on which device you have and which/how many apps you have open. I bought it specifically so I could run my guitar amp (Ampkit+) and have PDF chord charts open in iBooks at the same time in a live setting. Before I jailbroke my iPad I was using my iPhone as my guitar amp and my iPad for charts (iPhone too small to read charts), which worked ok but was not preferable because it is a lot easier to turn stomp pedals on and off in the iPad version.
    Quasar works beautifully for my needs–very stable; I can scroll through my charts and turn effects on and off. I resized each window with the iPad in landscape mode on my music stand so I can easily read the charts and access my effects. I usually run SBSettings first and kill all processes first before I do this and I have no problems whatsoever. This is on an 64 GB iPad 1 running 5.1.1. If I had a newer device with more RAM then maybe I could run more than 2 programs at once, but I found that beyond 2-3 programs it is prone to crash. No problem because running these two particular apps at once is EXACTLY what I wanted to do and it was worth the $9.99!

  • MilesDavisJR

    You forgot to mention that the #1 ipad app Quasar does not currently support IOS6…boooooooooooo