A Twitter Follow Up, Pod2g: “Please People, Don’t Insult @i0n1c”

Earlier this morning we reported on Stefan Esser (i0n1c)’s controversial reaction to Pod2g‘s exploit announcement. Since then there’s been a debate between noteworthy jailbreak developers on Twitter about how figures in the modding community should be paid, if at all. If you walk away with any comment from this article, pay attention to Pod2g’s: “Please people, don’t insult @i0n1c, he’s a great guy, and did a lot for the jb community. He has his reasons to not release 5.1 jb.”

Stefan Esser is a security researcher who developed the exploit behind the iOS 4.3 Untethered Jailbreak. His comments about the compensation structure of the jailbreak and security community drew anger from many modders as well as a few nods from developers. Pod2g disagreed with Esser’s contention that their work was being used to profit private individuals and was more concerned with producing exploits for the public jailbreak community.

Their conversation sparked a heated discussion between Nicholas Allegra (Comex, the developer behind iPhone jailbreak methods such as Spirit and JailbreakMe.com) and ZodTTD (developer of gpSPhone, n64iphone, and other emulators). Allegra criticized Cydia’s current advertising as unprofessional and suggested a change structure where paid apps help fund repositories, perhaps in the model of the iTunes App Store. ZodTTD (who runs a repository) was defending the use of advertising in Cydia repositories and mentioned a need for better, Cydia-friendly ad agencies.

It goes to show that the jailbreak developer community is not an amorphous blob. These coders produce tweaks, apps, and exploits for their own goals and ideals, but they seem mostly capable of cooperating with each other. At the very least, Pod2g was willing to call off his mad entourage of Twitter followers.

How do you think jailbreak developers should be compensated? Please make a contribution to our comments section below.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/Lintex Leo J. Campos

    I will love to pay a little contribution for the jb, i think advertising is a very cool way to maintain the jailbreak community, and i also know that this guys should be rewarded, i study informatic engineering and have a very good idea of how hard is to hack a device, especially with all the apple team trying to avoid it, but the thing is that many of us can not paid for it, in my case. it is very hard to get e-dolars on venezuela, so i hope this guys find the way to keep it free

  • http://twitter.com/aratula43 Shane Lidden

    I for one would donate to this, As i also like to keep up to date with all things JB. But also I think that if you can hack an iDevice with the latest IOS on it and don’t want to release it to the JB community then that’s your business. Everybody may say that it’s selfish and so on but if that’s your choice then that’s your choice. This is why we still live in a country where we can still make our own choices and not be persecuted for them.
    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the new JB for IOS 5.1. 

  • Ospite

    @i0n1c sta solo rompendo le scatole, lui pensava che non lasciare al pubblico il suo jailbreak 5.1, saremo rimasti a vita al 5.0.1? ahahah e solo un MORTO DI FAME, deve solo restarsene a cuccia come un cane bastonato, non rompesse i coglioni alla gente che da il suo contributo (gratis) alla comunità jailbreak.
    FANCULOOOOO!!!!!!!! @i0n1c

  • Adi Robiyanto

    Of conversations made ​​by the developer jailbreak. Actually they need a container for donations in appreciation of his work. I then do not mind if they ask for donations from users jailbreak.Well my advice, to appreciate their work we as users are required to provide a donation to them at least $1 alone was enough help for them, so they can be much better.

  • Zwabbit

    i think it’s okay for devs to make some money off the work they do through donations and ad avenue.  It would be nice for ppl who offer jailbreaking service to pay some of that revenue back to the community.    I’m guessing that’s where i0nic is going with this.  Reality is the world we live in requires money to pay your bills and ppl who work for the good of everyone should be reworded by the ppl for who use the work…

  • BatesOut

    The point you are clearly missing is that a donation is optional, what you suggest is everybody pays at least $1 and that is not only not a donation but it goes against everything Saurix stated when jailbreaking started, he said the whole point of it is it should always be free … Not to mention that i0n1c is a total cock.  If he was a decent guy he wouldn’t willingly rub the fact he has an untethered jailbreak but won’t share it, in the faces of the people who rely on it to get the best out of their phones.

  • BatesOut

    The reason people think i0n1c is a cock isn’t because he has the right not to share something he worked on, which I agree with btw, the reason is because he flaunts it to people like a spoilt kid with a better toy but won’t let any1 else play .. It’s the way he shows off that people don’t like and tbh is why he’ll always be a dick.

  • Ksupowercat13

    Great this is why people hate apple because we have to pay for everything. Jailbreaking was a way to free ourselves from this and now they want to charge us I jailbreak. I understand there are bills to get paid, people donate a lot. I’ve donated a lot for the work these guys put in. But if you’re on a charge to donate I might as well go back to android where 85% of thing are free including rooting or customizing YOUR phone.


    listen you ugly son of a bitch. no one asked you to do the things that you do, you do it because you want to. if you have a problem about not getting paid enough, just sell the god-damn exploit to someone that will buy it and use it against people and make big cash ($250,000)! so shut your mouth and stop whinning!

  • Osite


  • Ggnn13

    Its fairly simple.. ihacksrepo is a good example, They have there own website and they have a donations page.  They also have different repo servers, VIP- Basic.. VIP is for the users that donate and are allowed to use and download those apps/tweaks/themes ect.. Those who are basic they dont get to download and use those apps and such. They have a tracker where you submit some of your phones info so when you accese the VIP server you are able to download.  They want to get paid? Put your best work on a VIP repo.. 

  • Jondjeeper

    Why doesn’t cydia and the for sale apps pay the develppers

  • Jondjeeper

     Why doesn’t Cydia and the for sale apps pay the JB developer? After all they are the ones making BIG money from JB. Cydia would die if JB went away. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was already money changing hands behind the scenes. Seems dumb if it wasn’t. Seems almost obvious