Overview: Week One Of The TweakWeek Challenge!

Week one of tweakweek has come and gone as of June 7th and some great tweaks were created by Ryan Petrich! These tweaks ranged from MathAlarm to SplitMail and all-in-all some of the tweaks released were better than some tweaks who have had weeks of development.

Throughout week one of the tweakweek challenge we provided extensive coverage of every tweak that was released. In case you missed the tweaks released during week, however, the tweaks have been compiled below. Make sure you check out the tweaks listed below if they interest you as all the tweaks in the tweakweek challenge are free and opensource.

While week one of the tweakweek challenge has come to an end week two is just beginning. Filippo Bigarella will be developing for the next week and we can look forward to some more great tweaks! Let us know what you thought of week one of the tweakweek challenge in the comments section below…

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  1. DeFlanko says:

    Dietbar and RunningIndicator are apps of Genius, now my only grip with RunningIndicator is that when you press the X to close the app, it does not clear from the Multitasking bar.  I really hope that Ryan reads this and can fix that part. 

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