OpenPWN – One Step Closer to Strengthening the Jailbreaking Community

Right now there are many vulnerabilities dwindling on the iPod Touch/iPhone OS and there has never been a better time to get more people involved in developing new jailbreaks. With the iPad just being released and the new 4th generation iDevices due to be released some time in June, the jailbreaking community is going to need more developers to help keep up with the ever going battle between the dev-team and Apple. Since the release of the first jailbreak in 2007 ( there has never been any great documentation (usually outdated and hard to understand) of developing a jailbreak or any real help with developing new jailbreaks. This really limits the support that the dev-team could of had during these past few years because no one else knows where to even start. Well finally one brilliant person, DarkMalloc;  decided that he was going to do something about this and developed a tool called OpenPWN.

The purpose of OpenPwn is to give new developers a simple, clear and easy to understand starting point for developing jailbreaks. Jailbreaks are developed using a special kind of coding called Payloads – these Payloads are used to change file systems on the iPod Touch or deliver exploits. OpenPwn is a simple open-source payload to base jailbreaks on. There will be many examples of how to use this payload to achieve different goals. As developers use OpenPwn to build their payloads, the hope is that they keep their work open-source and share it. This will give people an opportunity to see, add-to, or change payloads to work with their own payload efforts; inevitably strengthening the jailbreaking community.

While OpenPWN by itself is not a complete jailbreak or unlock, it is a starting point for more members in the community to develop jailbreaks for the iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad. Currently OpwnPWN is only available for Mac, however plans for a Windows version are already underway. OpenPwn will be released Saturday and and it will be interesting to see how big of an impact is really has on the jailbreaking community. For more information you can visit their website –

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