MyGreatFest: The World’s First iCommunity Meet!

As the title suggests, MyGreatFest is the world’s first iCommunity meet ever. This event is going to be held in the UK on the 23rd September 2011 and is going to be huge! MyGreatFest haven’t released much detailed information on the event as of yet, but one thing for sure is that it will be iDevice mad!

Here is what the CEO of MyGreatFest has to say on the event:

If you are part of the iCommunity you will of no doubt seen an event called ‘MyGreatFest’ talked about, and grow in stature over the recent months.  The ‘MyGreatFest’ concept and ethos is that of a unique nature, and has not only never been done in this community before, but has never been seen anywhere in the world.  Conferences, conventions and gatherings exist for technology industry in general, for the computing industry and also for the video gaming industry – now it exists for the mobile smartphone industry – and it will be huge.  The primary focus of MyGreatFest is to concentrate on what we believe to be the number one mobile OS on the planet – Apple’s iOS.

Without giving too much detail away, the day itself will focus around the extraordinary power that iOS contains within and how to release this ability and additional functionality through methods such as jailbreaking and also high quality app design.  It will feature showcases and talks from prominent developers in the community, giveaways and competitions so you can walk away with the newest accessory or case for your device, technical demonstrations to include question and answer sessions and much much more.  This event will feature respected members of the community you will already be aware of, and introduce you to talented people from all aspects of the community who you may not be.  We are also pleased to announce an event date of 23rd September 2011 for MyGreatFest, and an announcement to be made in the coming days will blow your minds.  As always, up to date information can be found via twitter @mygreatfest or


Make sure you subscribe to their YouTube channel as it will be updated with videos giving more information and teasers of the event and also grab their app in Cydia, which is simply named “My Great Fest.”

I’ll probably be attending the event, so feel free to follow me on Twitter: @mattyb1994 :)

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