Make A Cydia Tweak Wish! [iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad]

Have you ever thought of an awesome idea for a tweak you want to download, and you get all excited just to find that it doesn’t exist? Well I have, and it sucks. So to keep this short and sweet, what are some cool tweak ideas that you thought of that aren’t in Cydia? Be creative!

UPDATE #1: Jaden has written an in-depth article on turning your Cydia Tweak ideas into the actual think! Click here to read the guide.

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  • Youngbloodcaleb

    Password Hint

  • Pelchatsw

    how about a tweak where the iphone 4 flash flashes when you get a call or a message ive been wanting and suggesting this since the iphone 4 has been jailbroken

  • Alex Colucci

    A tweak that makes only the four recent apps available in your multitasking bar.

  • HyShai

    Silent Whitelist: When silent switch is toggled some contacts/numbers will still ring/vibrate (calls/sms.) Simpler version of iBlacklist.

  • iPhoneAddict2

    I would like to see a font version for the icon labels that had a thin black border around the white letters / numbers. This way, for most wallpaper or background color combinations you could still read the labels. Although there are different colored icon labels in Cydia, I think this would be a more ‘universal’ solution.

  • Randyg

    I would like to see a tweak that pops up a pin request window every time you are asked to enter your password. You would just need to go into settings to set the pin, but in turn the tweak is password protected so your apple password stays protected.

  • Anonymous

    Make an app or tweak that VNC between iPad an iPhone
    Without the pc. I want to control the ipad2 mirrored from my iPhone so I dont have to keep getting up

  • Anonymous

    Use my jobs wifi without them knowing

  • matthewmspaceyoutube

    One app to rule them all that does every single thing (like Springtomize, but actually does “everything”.

  • Mike McKinnon

    biteSMS does this. It’s free, with ads, in Cydia.

  • Budhna Roshan46


  • Matt

    A tweak that you would be able to close more than one app at once in the multitasking bar. Or set a time limit, and if its past it, the app gets deleted in multitasking. I would love to have something like that instead of deleting every single app manually, I usually forget about it too so I have a large number of apps running in the background before I go in it myself to delete it. I would pay for that.

  • Riley Freeman

    sbsettings display recorder toggle to start recording.

    when in the camera roll, when u hold down on a image, the ablity to send it to any messenger from the camera roll.

  • Guest

    I would love to see Nokia style profiles etc…..So i can change the ringtone for Night, Outdoors etc…
    Is this already available ??

  • Lorra2009

    iBluetooth / iBlueNova for iOS 4.3 !!!

  • MacEra2o9

    Background remover

  • Mattwankenobi

    A tweak that enables muting by double tapping the volume down/up button.

  • Mattwankenobi

    A tweak that enables muting by double tapping the volume down/up button.

  • Carnage1997

    slide in a circle to unlock or slide up or down just nothing normal :)

  • Rukk

    A tweak that auto retries to send failed SMS every x minutes.

  • Vaeioul

    Icon Size Tweak!!! I would love to be able to scale the Icon size’s so you can see more wallpaper. Oh and Icon Transparency!!!

  • Xxxlady

    I was thinking about this wish list for a long time

    I would like to see a tweek which show ipod controls on lock screen all the time, so I don’t have to press home button twice or play music from lockscreen…

  • sunzo

    1. bluetooth hack – where i can hack into other peoples phone, check their messages, call from their phone. i had this on my nokia.

    2. dark knight boot logo

  • Anonymous

    Idevice mirror via airplay on appletv

  • Anonymous

    A actual app on springboard to toggle or shortcut a settings. Like click an app and it opens a perticular page user specifies

  • Anonymous

    A flash player app that allows use to enter (copy paste)URL and upload via iTunes

  • Anonymous

    Control idevice springboard and launch apps from another idevice virtually

  • Anonymous

    A way to encrypt your idenity on wifi network so my boss can’t see I used my iPhone at work

  • Nathan Rees

    When getting more then just 1 notification when you wake up, being ble to scroll through your notification popups

  • Theprosam1

    a tweak so you can deleted all of the apps running in the multitasking bar

  • Randomfrankp

    this exists

  • Theprosam1

    Locktopus sb settings toggle

  • Avidanborisov

    Two Tweaks:
    1. A tweak that will allow to delete certain items in the history in safari.
    2. A tweak that will allow to select a song to be “Played Next”.

  • Calebjeffers2

    #1 a tweak that would allow you to have custom EQ

    #2 a tweak that would let you delete songs strait from the iphone smeller to the videos app

  • JC3Fresh

    a tweak that makes your ipod touch 4g think it is an iphone 4. The app checkpoints i think only works with the iphone but the ipod touch also has cameras to scan products.

  • Charlieraf

    A tweak to geotag SMS to other iPhone users

  • Lee hornby

    cydia rotation for the iPhone and iPod so it will b like the iPad

  • Fredsbassett

    I would like an tweak that automatically frees up memory (like you can do in SBSettings) any time I have less than 40 MB free AND no apps running. It could also let you change the memory limit or other options.

  • Theprosam1

    I think that there should be a left/right audio balance equalizer to control which headphone has greater volume output. I believe I speak for everyone that’s partially deaf in one ear, or people with one headphone that’s louder than the other when I say, we really need this idea to become a reality!

  • Scorched_planet

    Omg I’m soo there! I was just about to suggest that

  • Hotdannyreyna

    how about a tweak where a notification comes up when there is an email cuz when you get an email you have to actually have to go into it then it comes up.

  • Montybth

    They have this. It is called SBRotator for 4.X

  • Gottesbrau

    Tweak that changes eq based on song playing!

  • Zubscribe

    My iTouch EQ resets to ‘off’ every time I connect/disconnect from my car connector… need a tweak to keep it set at the setting I have set…

  • Evelio80

    Me gustaría un app que se pueda usar para borrar canciones del iPhone sin usar iTunes

  • Bluedude583

    bigify does this. you can also rotate them at angles

  • Bluedude583

    a widget that always has ipod controls on both the lockscreen, and in the 4th row of icons so you dont have to double tap

  • Tswim90

    Or to add this idea it would be helpful to be able to feed certain sounds through each earbud. For example music in the right earbud and phone calls in the left or any other combo…

  • randomuser

    how about a tweak that has a notification center just like the one in IOS 

  • paster

    i like the default note app on my ipod. but i want a way to sync my notes to a cloud based service. i dont like the email option i want the sync option.
    i would like a tweak for the notes app to sync with the notes extension on google chrome.
    that would my number 1 tweak.

  • IphoneGuyDudeMan


  • Hacked900

    how about with iphone, when you get a call, you can use your iphone whilst calling. Like i could be talking to mum and playing Angry Birds. the sound could be on speaker

  • Dark_sianzo1

    i would like to have a tweak that allow ipod music playing in the background while playing games on the iphone.

  • xXXpertJailbrekerxX

    a tweak that lets you create your own winterboard themees right on your i device… it wuld give yu pre made templates, backgrounds, and apps.then you could upload them to cydia so every1 could use them. ik that isnt a tweak but it wuld def be cool to have

  • Thatlegendguy

    Be able to delete songs straight off iPod

    Be able to steal wifi no one knowing

    Different sliders I like the circle idea

  • Thatlegendguy

    Delete song straight from iPod

  • TdoaK

    I’d love a tweak that adds additional tabs for outgoing and incoming calls to the cant find anything similar.
    and like mentioned before: tweaks for the like possibility of easily choosing next song or activation methods vor the equalizer (maby via activator?)

  • TdoaK

    I’d love a tweak that adds additional tabs for outgoing and incoming calls to the cant find anything similar.
    and like mentioned before: tweaks for the like possibility of easily choosing next song or activation methods vor the equalizer (maby via activator?)

  • Mousa Alwaraki

     Make a keyboard type that you draw on a letter and it writes the letter

  • Invisiblejoe1

    #1 a app to remove music straight from my iPod

  • jimmie

    a way to record you conversations on iphone 4 where the recorded file goes straight to the voice app.
    MIUI on the HTC Inspire 4g has this feature and im a little upset that cydia doesnt have any thing that is free instead of having to pay for it !!!

  • Jimmie

    that would be awesome

  • Jimmie

    or any wifi on that matter

  • Owar7x

    If u install BiteSMS, you can set up ur iphone so when u get a message it flashes,

  • thekid11

    enable ipad 1 bluetooth hfp 1.5. (ipad 2 has it)

  • Gangsta 4rm East London

    aleady exists: iSocialShare

  • Dacheezypuffs

    A tweak that has the volume bar still showing when connected to a dock or video cable

  • Dacheezypuffs

    A tweak that has the volume bar still showing when connected to a dock or video cable

  • Jimmie1992

    Or make it look like ur turning a page from the any corner or any side
    Like some samsung phones have as lock screen

  • Jimmie1992

    U can do that with a led flash tweak under the ihackrepo source go check it out

  • Jimmie1992

    U need a jailbroke iPhone/iPod with openssh and download ifunbox then u can drag and drop about anything to and from ur computer and iPhone

  • Jimmie

    Wats a smeller? but if ur wanting do delete music/videos directly u might want look n 2 dtunes and safari download helper using ifile

    Or just download Ifunbox on ur computer and openshh on ur iPhone/iPod and tunnel ur media between machines

    Good luck

  • Jimmie

    If u want a password hint just edit ur strings through ifile and change whare it says try again in 1 minute to the hint ur wanting it to say

    Good luck if u need help email me at

  • Jimmie

    If u need help email me

  • Jimmie

    Maybe u could use network sharing ?? Worth a shot

  • Jimmie

    You can by using ifunbox and openssh
    Need help emailme

  • Jimmie

    U can use multiflow and backgrounder

  • Jimmie

    U can with inteliscrean or bitsms

  • Jimmie

    Their is it trick the machine
    Look it up

  • Jimmie

    Their is it trick the machine
    Look it up

  • Jimmie

    1 it’s called IaP cracker
    2 google it
    3 activator
    4 springmatize ,and bigify <— they r on Cydia

  • Jimmie

    1 it’s called IaP cracker
    2 google it
    3 activator
    4 springmatize ,and bigify <— they r on Cydia

  • Jimmie

    Disable multitasking then u wouldn’t have that problem

  • Jimmie


  • Jimmie

    I want a button on the iPhone phone app that u can record calls like miui has

  • Jimmie

    A better air cracker

  • Jimmie

    Better screen recorder with more options

  • Jimmie

    .a tweak to make the jail broken ipad2 not freeze randomly

  • Amitasaf

    I have one special tweak:

    I will call him “bluegameshare”: that tweak will allow you send via bluetooth apps to another Idevices only jail broken of curse :)

    I wish they will make this tweak.

  • Ben Hazard

    A tweak that allows you to navigate springboard pages by flicking your ipod/iphone left of right

  • Silver 220

    I would like to see a tweak that would make it possible to change the eq for all audio on my ipod touch cause i reasently found that the eq settings on my ipod only work for the music app and not ifile. Or to a tweak that allows you to put pirated music directly into the music app

  • dxtr

    controlling external dock volume right from ipod! it would be great

  • Rosesforgirl

    Major Tweak Needed: customize volume levels depending on the application.

    …(ie someone can listen to music in the foreground while still having game sound effects but at a quieter level.)

  • Saxton

    A rotate button tweak for us with uninstalled gyroscope :( or a fix for that

  • Maurii

    a tweak where i can set and change EQ in the ipod app itself.

  • José Arturo Sánchez-Flores

    How about a tweak that would allow you to see recently played on iPod?

  • Ramos9800

    A custom EQ tweak would be the greatest tweak ever!

  • Kiloquarter

    A tweak that would allow an ipod touch or iphone to connect and stream music to an xbox 360 just like older ipod models were able to do. maybe diguise the ipod/iphone as an older model. I know people would really appreciate this.

  • Joel Sapp

    The new iOS under general >> accessibilities it is available. 

  • Tatuquera

    Tweaks that would allow HFP 1.5 and PBAP Bluetooth profiles available on IPAD 2. This would be a home run, because it would let you get rid of the cell phones, and use the IPAD instead very conveniently.

  • Martydelossantos15

    Is there a tweak in Cydia that enables hfp 1.5 on ipad 1?

  • Emily Bananacopter

    A tweak that actually adds an equalizer to the music app under ‘more..’

  • A_adddy

    i wish a call recorder

  • Philiasso

    I think, within so many years of jailbreaking, there’s still missing one important thing – just normal Equalizer.

  • Aaron-James Needles

    Button on the home screen that brings up a ID card and emergency contact and details on the person who’s iphone it is incase of accident or loss etc…

  • Giulia

    Please hfp on ipad1!! :D

  • GigamanEXE

    Pages on notification center, like the different screens on the springboard, for organization of widgets!

  • Luckyprime

    looking for a tweak enables selection of signal tower forcibly when multiple tower of different signal strength available … this is to avoid congestion as iphone default catches highest strength tower. Also may have a list of priority cell towers to switch to… when the first one is not available.. .may also have option to switch to default mode when none of selected towers available… this will help us to select constant cellular tower with chosen congestion which likely to be high with high strength tower, cause call drop and poor performance.

  • Omkar Nagnur

    In ios 8, there is a new accessibility option to go greyscale to prevent battery loss. Any way to get that on ios 7.1 form a tweak. It’s very convenient. Thanks.

  • Kevin

    I have a theme and launcher on my galaxy s5 that is from sword art online that would be legit to have or something similar

  • hasibsaikut

    We need fullscreen caller image Tweak for iphone 4 with Ios 7.1.2 because it show very short size photo

  • Lester Clyde

    I would like a tweak where u can get 3g without paying & it can be in wifi only iDevice’s &
    I would like to have a tweak or a theme that has an sword art online setting like the app in samsung

  • Sohail Pathan

    #1 3 Patti Gold Tweaks

    please as the game is played by all this tweak is very necessary to us till day no one can hack this make a tweaks of this a be famous !!

  • shawn

    A new fake time warner app for the twc TV app. It has a block that you can’t use the app on jail broken devices. Need to make something to divert this error message