Lock Your Springboard Icons In Place With The IconLock Tweak For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad!

IconLock is a new tweak that was released into Cydia today to lock your SpringBoard icons in one place. The main reason this would be useful is if you have had the problem of people messing with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and moving all your icons around.

IconLock can be set to completely disable the ability for users to move your springboard icons (unless toggled off through SB-Settings or the Settings.app). It can also be set to only allow an individual to move your SpringBoard icons if they enter the a the correct password.

Note: If your password protection is enabled, it will be required to turn IconLock off through SB-Settings or the Settings.app.

To get a better idea on how the IconLock functions you can take a look at the developers YouTube video below…

If you are interested in the IconLock tweak it is available through Cydia for FREE. Let us know what you think of the IconLock tweak in the comments section below.

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