The iJailbreak JAILBREAK Holiday Gift Guide–2012

Whether you have friends and family with jailbreakable iPhones, an old Apple TV, or if you just found a prepaid credit card under your tree, as a reader of iJailbreak you might be interested in a bit of fun outside the app store for the holiday season. While we love free software, developers have to eat too–and there are some amazing paid tweaks and utilities available on Cydia and through other channels.

So what do you get for the hacker who has everything? Continue reading our jailbreak gift guide to find out.

aTV Flash (black)–$29.95, (original)–$39.95

Jailbreak (Cydia) Holiday Gift Guide 2012

aTV Flash extends the capabilities of the Apple TV.

If you’ve previously bought your loved ones an AppleTV for the holidays, you’re probably not going to get them an Apple TV 3 this year. While AirPlay Mirroring is a handy trick, the Apple TV 1 and 2 still have plenty of life in them thanks to FireCore and the aTV Flash software.

aTV Flash is a software package that expands on the Apple TV’s built in functionality. aTV Flash adds support for popular video and audio file formats, streaming media stored on your other computers, playing stations through Last.FM, as well as automatic support for cover art, meta, data, and subtitles.

The only caveat is–at the time of writing–aTV Flash (black) doesn’t support iOS 6 (called 5.1 on the aTV) or the Apple TV 3. aTV Flash’s developers are working on support for iOS 6, so this could change during the holiday season.

BiteSMS–$9.99 for full license

The iJailbreak JAILBREAK Holiday Gift Guide--2012

BiteSMS is a theme-friendly expansion to iOS’ messaging capabilities.

BiteSMS is one of the best paid apps on Cydia. BiteSMS overhauls iOS’ built-in Messages system with features like the quick reply and quick compose windows, scheduled messages, contact pictures, passwords, and more. If you’re using an iPad or iPod Touch, you can also buy credits so you can use your tablet to send SMS messages like a phone.

Emulators–free and paid, price varies.

Homebrew Gift Guide

Robert Broglia’s emulators support classic game systems, from the Game Boy Advance to the Neo Geo Pocket.

What’s a better stocking stuffer than the ability to play all your old games on your phone, without having to physically carry around a ton of cartridges? Emulators on Cydia can be both free and paid apps and there are a few on the market for each system.

In terms of paid emulators, Robert Broglia’s ***.emu emulators are some of the best on the platform, featuring support for the Wii controller and iControlPad as well as iOS 6. The only snag is the developer’s apps are temporarily not available for purchase on Cydia, due to an issue with PayPal. If you want to try out a sample of his emulators, you can still find Snes9X EX free in the BigBoss repository. His emulators range from $2.99 to 4.99 depending on the system. Definitely pick them up if they’re back up for sale during the holidays.

If not, ZodTTD’s emulators are a decent alternative–and I actually prefer the interface in his apps to Broglia’s–though they receive updates less frequently. Just watch out for n64ios, which at the time of writing is more of a tech demo than a playable emulator.

iControlPad — $54.99-$62.49

Holiday Gift Guide for Homebrew Lovers
If you know someone who already plays emulated games on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, they’ll find that the on-screen gamepads might work with slow paced RPGs, but for action games where timing and quick reactions are essential, they’re going to want tacticle controls. The best option for a physical gamepad on iOS is the iControlPad, which is not only supported by the major emulators but also by official app store games like Super Mega Worm. You can also pair the iControlPad with the BlueTrol Cydia app–$6.99–to simulate screen presses for nearly any game that uses an on-screen control pad.

Though if you can wait until after the holiday season, you may be able to get in on the iControlPad 2‘s second batch.

What do you think of the iJailbreak JAILBREAK Holiday Gift Guide? Is there any other must-have tweak that you need for the holiday season? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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