iSlideText: Easily Change The Slide To Unlock Text On Lockscreen [Cydia Tweak]

If you have ever wanted to change the Slide To Unlock text on the lockscreen of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you are in luck! With the iSlideText Cydia tweak you can quickly and easily change the Slide To Unlock text on the lockscreen to whatever you want. iSlideText is probably the easiest method of change the Slide To Unlock text and works as advertised.

You can find the iSlideText tweak through the BigBoss repo for FREE. Let us know what you think of iSlideText in the comments section below…

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  • Anonymous

    Works very nicely! Double tap the “Slide to Unlock” and you will be able to edit

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  • Eddie

    Nice tweak.  Works great. 

  • Goranchen

    Like it !

  • Pmonchet

    very nice. Thanks

  • Jlee5050

    May seem cheesy to some people but little tweaks like this add a nice personal touch to my iphone… sets it apart from everyone elses…

  • jacob

    how you make the lil emoticons

  • jacob


  • Me


  • noob jailbreaker

    wow cant wait to show my friends

  • Hrishabhaswal99

    Tel me somthing cool to write on slide bar

  • Cvogel894

    Why can’t I do this on my iPhone 4s . Can’t get I file or anything?

  • Iqqasazali

    yeay i love this application so much

  • Travis Greene

    I know that feeling. I felt the same when I changed “AT&T” to “Hercules.” Amazing how much 44kb has a big effect on someone.

  • Ivan