Is The iPhone 5 An Opportunity To Rethink The App Switcher? A Concept For A Future Cydia Tweak

The Verge recently wrote an article lamenting the wasted opportunity to truly overhaul iOS 6 for the iPhone 5. The idea is that while the App Switcher, the basis of Apple’s pseudo-multitasking in iOS, is functional on the iPhone 5, the direct port doesn’t do the taller screen justice. The Verge’s mockups would not only allow for a better use of screen real estate, it would also make switching to Settings to toggle radio preferences unnecessary.

Apple Should Re-Design The App Switcher In iOS 6 For iPhone 5

The Verge’s app switcher mockup compared to the MissionBoard cydia tweak.

The tweaked app switcher dock has three parts: 1) an app switching tray with screenshots of the open app along with each app’s icon; 2) an improved music player that contains more information; and 3) replacing the redundant volume slider with brightness controls as well as toggles for WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular, and locking screen¬†orientation.

If you’ve been using a jailbroken iPhone, some of these features may look familiar. The app switcher with in-app screenshots alongside icons is a lot like MissionBoard, a full-screen app switcher. The expanded music controls are similar in concept to what we’ve seen in dock expanders like Switchy and Multistorey. The toggles pane’s natural analogs is SBSettings. That said, while these tweaks aren’t unheard of in the iPhone jailbreak

Apple Should Re-Design The App Switcher In iOS 6 For iPhone 5

Playback controls in the mockup and Switchy‘s expanded controls.

Some of these features are undeniably more convenient than others. Many die-hard jailbreakers, myself included, stick with a jailbroken OS because of handy tweaks like SBSettings, and it would be nice to have the toggles readily accessible on a new OS. The improved app switcher, on the other hand, only adds eye candy. The music player enhancement is somewhere in the middle.

Apple Should Re-Design The App Switcher In iOS 6 For iPhone 5

The mockup‘s toggles for radio and SBSettings‘ expandable toggles pane.

What do you think? Is The Verge on to something with their improved app switcher? Would you like to see this concept available as a tweak in Cydia? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Metroid88

    I’d really love something like that, even for older devices!