The 4th Generation iPad Has Been Jailbroken [IMAGE]

In less than 24 hours after the iPad Mini went on sale, jailbreak hackers @Chpwn and @Phoenixdev managed to jailbreak the tablet. It’s obviously a Failbreak though, which means only developers will be able to test it. Now, the same developer has managed to jailbreak the 4th generation iPad (iPad 4) as well.

Chpwn sent out a tweet yesterday saying that the iPad 4th generation has been jailbroken. The iPad 4th generation went on sale the same time as the iPad Mini, but took a day longer to be jailbroken. This is probably because everyone was focusing on the iPad Mini. It does look very similar to the iPad 3rd generation, says Chpwn. Have a look at the screenshot below:

We have no idea if this will be released to the public as a proper jailbreak, but I’m sure all the iPad Mini and iPad 4th generation owners on iOS 6 are waiting for this. Aren’t you?

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  • Hacker

    What about ipad3??

  • D247

    iPad 3 is already jailbroken, but it is like the rest of the post A5 devices and only hail a failbreak for iOS 6 yet.

  • Andy LaBella

    and what about iphone 5?

  • D247

    meant only “has” a failbreak

  • D247

    All of Apples iDevices are jailbroken, but you need a developer account to do it. No current public jailbreak for iOS 6 for post A5 devices (anything newer than iPhone 4)

  • anosan lerin

    what about appletv3 and iphone4S?

  • Assassin

    Please we want jailbreak for ipad3 as fast possible on IOS6

  • max24

    i love tecknology is this side of world ;)

  • Michel Pas

    ipad3 too please

  • Michael Schnier

    aTVs are notoriously hard to jailbreak, since there aren’t a lot of potentially programs running on them. No browser, no PDFs, no third party app support. The only reason the aTV2 was jailbroken was because it was vulnerable to the same hardware vulnerability as the iPhone 4 and original iPad.

  • Michael Schnier

    you also need the code, which isn’t released into the wild for obvious reasons: it’s no good to anyone if Apple patches it.

  • nodi

    what about ipad 4 ?

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