These iPhone Notification Alert Concepts Look Familiar [Photos]

If you were going to make an overhaul of iOS, what would you do? If you’re anything like us, you’d peek at the top jailbreak tweaks and turn them into default features. (Tim Cook, if you’re reading this, do us all a favor and cut BigBoss a cheque for SBSettings.) This is because, through MobileSubstrate add-ons, jailbreak developers are able to overhaul almost whatever they want on iOS–if there’s a concept that fills a need, chances are it already bugged a developer enough to be made into a tweak.

The notification alert concept (left) looks a lot like Emblem (right).

So we shouldn’t be surprised to see that Sentry’s new concepts for Notification Alerts–featured on The Verge–bear a striking resemblance to already available tweaks in Cydia. Sentry wasn’t the first designer to notice that the Notification Alerts take up a lot of space and look out of place compared to the minimal Notification Banners. The Alerts in iOS 6 are the same blue dialogs that appeared in iOS 1, long before the iPhone logged notifications or supported third party apps.

The new Notification Alert concept has a very similar approach to the Emblem tweak, which recolors notification alerts to match banners and adds buttons to close or view/launch, depending on the app. There’s also a component of Sentry’s concept that looks like a custom theme for BiteSMS–a highly popular, and skin-able, messaging system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Despite the similarity to existing tweaks, the concept looks decent–though I’m not crazy about the screen-splitting effect used for system alerts.

Sentry is the same designer behind the previously featured App Switcher concept, which is apparently being developed into a fully-fledged Cydia tweak of its own. Sentry is also asking around for a jailbreak developer to make the Notification Alert concept a reality–and while it might not be original, it look nice enough that we wouldn’t mind seeing more competition to already great tweaks.

Looks like a BiteSMS theme with fewer buttons.

Share your thoughts on the Notification Alert concept in the comment section below.

And yeah, you’re not the only one who thought Notification Center looked a lot like Notified.

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  • Damian W

    i think it is beautiful. I am using biteSMS and I was using emblem. Emblem was kinda buggy, but this new concept is something in between these two tweaks.

  • iAnkush

    Looks like u forgot to add the System based Alerts Image:P

  • Michael Schnier

    I mentioned it, but like I said–I wasn’t crazy about the idea.