Official iOS 5 Cydia Tweak Compatibility List [Publicly Maintained]

Last week we created an article listing Cydia tweaks that were compatible with the iOS 5 firmware generation. In this article we promised to update the list as more Cydia tweaks became updated for the iOS 5 firmware. Due to the fact that there are thousands of Cydia tweaks available through Cydia maintaining that list ourselves is a tedious task.

To make up for the fact that our iOS 5 compatibility list will no longer be updated, we have found a publicly maintained list of Cydia tweaks which are compatible with the iOS 5 firmware. This list is very accurate and will allow you to easily check which Cydia tweaks are compatible for the iOS 5 firmware (people update this list in real-time).

If you are interested in seeing this public list of iOS 5 compatible Cydia tweaks you can click here.

Is there a tweak that has not been updated to support the iOS 5 firmware generation that you miss? Share your thoughts in the comments section below…

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  • Tito_6646

    Thank u for this list and I miss most of cydia tweaks i always install on my iphone like Backgrounder , Caller ID Fix , Folder Enhancer , infiniDock , Lock down pro , Multicleaner , Parallex , User agent Faker , Insomnia :((

  • Vulgum Pecus

    SBSchedule does not work.

  • Minamansor

    Remove Background and Lockdown Pro I really want to be updated.

  • Canuck

    remove background is essential

  • Whiciano

    pandora skip hack does not work. just makes pandora crash on opening- 10/26/2011

  • Lol

    Will Infiniboard be compatible in IOS5?

  • Kishan70

    Should update keyvibrate. Miss that the most. When downloaded no effect!!!!!!

  • Nicoloco9

    Whats happening with lockdown pro.??

  • Nicoloco9

    Try haptic pro

  • Nicoloco9

    Dont know if and how late this might be but multicleaner and infinidock have been working for at least the past 3 weeks are so.

  • Ron

    I want vwallpaper to work!

  • Guj_ss

    remove background for sbsettings? it works perfectly!

  • Guj

    VideoLock (1.0.1-1) works perfectly.

    FolderIcons (2.0.7) partially works, depending on if you install at the the beginning or end your mass cydia package installs. Also not fully compatible with FolderEnhancer (when trying to enable the icon of or open a folder within a folder, causes a safe mode boot loop. this feature was perfect in ios 4)

    Musicinfo (3.2) works, although has a slight judder when pulling back up the music info bar, not as smooth as it was in ios 4

    PS never realised how much a chore typing a number was until i had (and lost) 5-row keyboard

  • Worm Adad

    Wonder if iControl works? Many thanks

  • William

    vWallpaper works fine for me….

  • WickedLO

    DataDeposit works perfectly


    There should b a list  for ipad gene 1 and installious games or =w=