Installous Updated To Version 4.4.2 [Massively Improved Search Engine]

This is a quick update to let you know that Installous was updated to version 4.4.2. In this update the Hackulous team have dramatically improved Installous’s search engine. No longer should you find irrelevant apps before the actual app you are searching for. This is one update that is definitely worth updating for through Cydia if you use Installous.

In case you were not aware Installous is an application which allows users to download AppStore applications for free, in hopes that if you like the application you will purchase it after.

If you are interested in downloading Installous 4.4.2, you are going to need to add their repository shown below (if you have not already).

Disclaimer: does not support app piracy. We are a strong believer in supporting developers, and we ask you not to pirate applications. App Piracy is illegal, and you do so at your own risk.

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  • James00

    What else is new…check your post title is it 4.4.2 or 4.2.2??

  • Dusty

    Title is fixed – 4.4.2

  • batfink009

    HELP ipod touch 2nd gen wont respond to any restore attempt ive tried all the you tube fixes but none of them work all i have on my screen is ipod is disabled connect to itunes and it will turn on and off and when it syncs to laptop it says that it is password protected enter password before you can use it with itunes any ideas please i am at a loss oh and it is also a jailbreak version but dont have a clue witch one thanks batfink

  • Elias

    I downloaded installous 4.4.2 but when trying to download apps it tells me to open in app store, which is not free?? What am I doing wrong??

  • Ezra

    I can’t restore all of my downloaded files since I’ve upgraded to 4.4.2 as when I’ve tried, the errors occur as invalid IPA. something’s very wrong here…

  • crackers & tea

    download the crack versions…those are free

  • Ean schmidt

    I’m on an iPod touch 4th gen and for some reason the updates tap in installous is not working. It says “no new updates” I have to actually go to the search tab to find new updates for my apps. Does anyone know what the problem is. Any tips. Thnx.

  • Viola_nagrand

    So I have the Ipod touch 4th gen and i’m trying to download apps (cracked versions) however it keeps coming up with those stupid ‘Win a Mac book’ competition in which you have to enter a number and doesnt actually download the app… what am i doing wrong?

  • Guest

    how do you update apps using this? I went into updates and downloaded the latest update for the app but nothing happened, do i  have to install it somehow?

  • Fucking vila nagrand

    Cause you are a fucking idiot, some ads have the download icon to fool you and you, stupid dumbfuck just go and click it cause you cant distinguish a fake link from the real one you fucking scum