How To: Downgrade iPhone 4 iOS 4.0.2 – 4.0.1 Using SHSH Blobs

We, somewhat nervously, upgraded on our jailbroken iPhone 4 for the sole purpose of demonstrating how to downgrade using the SHSH blobs.

Downgrading can be somewhat confusing so I’ll try to make this as painless as possible.

First you need the following..

  • Download the 4.0 (or whatever version you’re downgrading to) .ispw firmware bundle
  • Download RecBoot (to kick your iPhone out of Recovery Mode at the end) More info here.

Step One: Verify that that Cydia has the shsh blobs saved for firmware you’re downgrading to. (This is relatively easy.)

Simply open up Cydia and if your blobs are saved the home screen should look something like this.

If your not sure, perhaps you’ve jailbroken your phone and can’t remember if you saved them with Cydia, you can always download Firmware Umbrella to find out. More information here.

If your device has its shsh blobs saved within Cydia the screen should look like this.

Step Two: Faking out the iTunes host.

Open up a finder window and click go/go to folder/, and type


find the file named hosts and open it with a text editor.

At the very bottom of the file, add the following exactly:

Because of permissions issues you’ll need to save-as the document to the desktop.

Now go back and delete the original host file from the /etc directory and copy in the new file you just saved.

Note: Be sure to remove the .txt extension from the file. You’ll keep getting iTunes errors because the file has been changed to a text file if you don’t.

Step Three: Installing the firmware.

Open up iTunes, option+click restore and locate the firmware bundle. When you phone begins to blink for a second you know that you’re successfully installing the old firmware file.

Step Four: Run RecBoot to kick your device out of recover mode.

Now you can enjoy all over again. Read our guide here.

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  1. Great job on the how to. Cheers!

  2. Matt Chinn says:

    True, though I couldn't start the TSS Server last night for some reason.

  3. rorypiper says:

    Nice work. A tip to our readers: if you're uncomfortable editing the “hosts” file. You can use TinyUmbrella. Just turn on the “TSS Server”, before starting the restore process. This temporarily redirects iTunes to Saurik's server.

  4. unknown error 3002 occured. can you do this on windows? thanks….

  5. rorypiper says:

    Error 3002 means you probably don't have your SHSHs saved on Saurik's server, for the firmware you are trying to restore. Yes, you can do this on Windows, but editing the host file is a bit different process.

  6. nah, it has. maybe i'll try downloading other firmware.

  7. rorypiper says:

    I have heard that Apple is still signing 4.0.1. Try doing a regular restore to 4.0.2. Then option-click restore, point to your 4.0.1 firmware, and restore again. Should work, without changing the host, or using tinyumbrella.

  8. ok. i'll try it. i will let you know if it works.

  9. Link123451 says:

    glad for this because i tried to upgrade my ipod to 4.0.2 and it broke

  10. I did same thing but I didn’t work. I got problem about connection to apple servers. I always got this problem. When I denied(Change DNS setting{hosts file}) to connect with apple it give me same problem. I don’t know there isn’t any solutions to fix it!

  11. I think it doesn’t work for iphone 4. I tried many ways also that but there is no solution. All of them work for iphone 3G. Shooot

  12. Masterbates50 says:

    Can I use the SHSH blob from my jailbroken iphone 3 to downgrade my new iphone 4 ? My new iphone 4 came with 4.0.2 installed on it

  13. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, no. Each device has a unique SHSH, so they’re not interchangeable.

  14. Tnx dude…. very nice, got the job done :)

  15. Hi rorypiper can you tell me how to downgrade iPod touch version 4.1oh, I am stuck. plz help.

  16. I tried with 4.0.1 it did’t work. an error occured was 3198.

    Plz help…. what is SHSHs? where is it?

  17. Can anyone help me plz? I am stack how to downgrade 4.1 version I didn’t know how I update it. oh, know now. I tried to downgrade into 4.0 it says . the ipod could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (3194) what is this …………………………..

  18. A tip to all: if you get the 319x errors, it typically means iTunes cannot find your SHSH. You may not have your blobs saved for the firmware you want to install.

  19. This method should work. Just make sure Cydia has SHSH blobs saved for whatever firmware you’re installing.

  20. thx it worked :) still i had to put all my apps and songs all over again… but thx!

  21. I have restore my phone already so can’t open Cydia and I’m not sure if I save my blobs thru them (with make my live easier option) Is there any other way to find out? Thanks

  22. it worked, but first u have to use tinyumbrella and press save my shsh, then it will download the shsh from cydia and u are all good to go and u now can downgrade to the versions specified by cydia or tinyumbrella

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