Greenpois0n’s Developer Posixninja provides us with some insite on Greenpois0n

If you have never heard of Greenpois0n before then you must be new to the jailbreaking community. Greenpois0n is a an all purpose jailbreaking tool that is said to support up to the 3.1.3 firmware on all devices including the iPad (when it is released). To top off that heavy list of great features Greenpois0n’s developers have also stated that all devices will be untethered. If the developer’s of greenpois0n actually released such a program it would be defiantly be a benefit to the whole jailbreaking community. However there has been much speculation over greenpois0n and some have been calling chronic-dev/greenposi0n fake and that it is just a way to take everyone’s money(through donations), or that they are going to burn the exploit for 3.1.3 firmware. The whole dev-team in general has been slagged off and has received many spam comments disregarding their work and calling them fakes. It is a real shame when people do this when in fact individuals are sacrificing their own time to create a tool for the community that others do not appreciate. The fact that members of chronic dev are coming together and donating their time, should be enough to let them work in peace and enough to not have to be called fake or be disrespected.

If you read the whole post by Posixninja’s on his personal blog then you will get a better view on what it is like to organize a dev-team and juggle real life at the same time. Dealing with many members that are on different time lines around the world and actually going from an exploit to a full blown program is a very hard thing to do. It is best to read the whole post yourself to get the just of what Posixninja is trying to relay to the community. One thing that really caught my eye in the article was an exploit that they have found that will even work to jailbreak the iPad; untethered as well!

Now it’s the same story again. I will say we do have at least one new exploit that we’ve been sitting on for the past few months waiting specifically for the ipad, (NOT 3.1.3) but I’m not going to say anything more about it, other then, yes it’s untethered.

All I can say about greenpois0n/chronic dev is that I sure hope what they say they have found and promised will actually come together eventually and not just bite the dust like many other dev teams in the past have done. However I have a feeling that chronic dev will be different and they will deliver what they have promised. Even if it takes some time, I think I can speak for all of us we are willing to wait. My question to you is “What do you think about greenpois0n/chronic dev? “

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  • JC

    Well, there was a release date of April 1 for GreenPois0n, and thats past, it just goes to show that this is possibly another hoax with respect of a jailbreak for OS3.1.3 with BB 5.12.01.
    Lets stop with the BS, if you can’t produce then take down all the misleading articles and web sites indicating the CronicDevTeam is producing a fabled product and get on with supporting real developers like GeoHot who have clearly produced at least one functional release so far.
    People are tired of hearing about fabled products, fixes and fakes – Only fact makes history!

  • GreenPois0nGuru

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