Grant Paul (@Chpwn) Shows Off Upcoming Notification Center Tweak [Cydia]

Grant Paul (@Chpwn)—the homebrew developer behind numerous interface tweaks including Infiniapps lineup, Proswitcher, and the Siri port “Spire“—revealed an early glimpse at a new interface tweak for the Notification Center on Twitter today. iOS 5 introduced the Notification Center, which is a pane that integrates notifications for missed phone calls, voice mail messages, and even social network alerts. By default the Notification Center is called up by pulling it down “in front” of the screen. Paul’s tweak puts the Notification Center “behind” the screen; the window is pushed down to reveal the Notification Center behind it.

Chpwn Upcoming Notification Center Tweak

A sneak peek from @chpwn

Pushing down the window offers an advantage. The way iOS launches the Notification Center by default, you’re seeing the bottom of the Notification Center first. Often this means you’ll see 4/5ths of a page of blank brushed metal before you get to the weather. By pushing down the icons as a pane, the first thing you see is the weather, followed by the top of your notifications list. This means you can quickly take a peek at the weather without pulling the notifications panel all the way down. (Also, it looks cooler.)

There is no word yet as to whether this will be a free or paid tweak (he’s released free apps like Spire and a number of paid tweaks at the $2.99 price point). Twitter replies have compared the tweak to Flowtation ($0.99) and WeeRoll Lite (FREE), although Grant Paul has stated that this upcoming tweak will be different in unspecified ways. Stay tuned on for more details.

What would you like to see in Grant Paul’s upcoming app that isn’t available in Flowtation and WeeRoll Lite? Let us know in the comments section below.

Update #1: Grant Paul confirmed on Twitter that the tweak would be “Part of Zephyr, so if you already have that, it’s a free update.”

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