Get A Sneak Peak Of Auxo 2 With New Multitasking Interface And Gestures

One of the most popular iOS 6 tweaks of all time was probably Auxo. The tweak was a replacement for the app switcher which replaced app icons with app preview cards (very similar to how multitasking is in iOS 7). It also allowed you to remove apps from the app switcher by swiping down, kill all apps and improved areas like the music controls.

Due to the fact that multitasking in iOS 7 is very similar to Auxo stock, it meant that its developers had to go back to the drawing board and come up with something completely different.

If you have been waiting for Auxo to return in iOS 7 then you will be glad to know its UI designer just tweeted a video demo of Auxo 2, which has been completely reimagined for iOS 7.

The new concept for Auxo is essentially the control center and app switch integrated into unison. The card-based app switcher is in the middle and the Control Center has been split into two. The Control Center toggles and app shortcuts are at the top and the music playback controls  at the bottom.

There aren’t very many details available on pricing or a release date, but we will keep you posted. What do you think of Auxo 2? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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  • Mark@Disqus

    I can’t wait! I was wondering how they would handle it with Control Center. Thanks for the post.

  • TechPro

    Very similar to the iOS 8 concept. I’ll wait for the other tweak

  • Nader Zantout

    Wow. Just wow. Some helluva tweaks are landing an Cydia today,