GeoHot Has Left The Jailbreaking Community For Good!

Well, it seems that GeoHot has finally taken off and left the jailbreaking community. After he lied to us about having an iPhone 4 jailbreak and complaining about people harassing him, GeoHot has decided to leave the jailbreaking community. GeoHot has now deactivated his Twitter Account and made his blog Invite Only. I think this is a decision GeoHot has been pondering about awhile. Just after the time when the 3.1.3 firmware was released, we didn’t see much from him in terms of updates for blackra1n or blacksn0w. luckily before his twitter account was shut down we managed to get our hands on some of his last tweets. Basically the point GeoHot is trying to make is that he is tired of being asked the same questions, about release dates, updates etc.. He also mentioned that we care too much about the iPhone – it is just a phone.


Even though GeoHot is gone, and a lot of people’s opinion of GeoHot will not change. In the end GeoHot owes the jailbreaking community nothing. He donated his time to develop jailbreaks and unlocks, and gave us some very useful programs at the time. I personally can sort of see where GeoHot is coming from, and I think if we put ourselves in his shoes, we may be able to get a clearer picture on why he left. What are your thoughts on GeoHot leaving the jailbreaking community?

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