Installous 5 Released With Multiple New Features Including BitTorrent Downloading [Cydia]

Today the AppTrackr has recently tweeted that Installous 5 has been released. For those of you who are not aware of what Installous is, it is essentially a client for downloading cracked App Store applications that allow you to test an application more thoroughly before actually purchasing it from the official App Store.

Installous 5 Released

Installous 5 contains a number of improvements over Installous 4. Not only does Installous 5 come with a breadth of new features and various bug fixes, overall you will find downloading cracked applications is a much smoother process. This is because of the added BitTorrent downloading support.

Installous 5

With added BitTorrent support in Installous 5 it means you will be able to pause and resume downloads, which is something that only premium file hosts support. For those wondering how seeding will work, and others aspects to BitTorrent integration in Installous 5, AppTrackr wrote an in-depth explanation:

Installous uses magnet links, a decentralized way of obtaining torrent metadata. As a result, we don’t host any .torrent files. We also use peer exchange (PEX), otherwise known as trackerless torrents. Both of these features make the entire process completely decentralized and uninterruptible… Installous will seed from the device only while the download is ongoing, and only if you’re on WiFi. When the download finishes, it will stop seeding.

Another nice addition to Installous 5 is local notification support. This was done by creating a custom BulletinBoard plugin and using Chpwn’s WeeLoader package. The end result is native iOS 5 notification system support. The only aspect of Installous that has remained untouched is the actual GUI (graphical user interface). In my opinion however, Installous’ current GUI is very sharp looking and is in no need of an overhaul any ways.

If you are interested in downloading Installous 5, you are going to need to add their repository below:

What do you think of Installous 5? Share your responses and further thoughts in the comments section.

Disclaimer: does not support app piracy. We are a strong believer in supporting developers, and we ask you not to pirate applications. App Piracy is illegal, and you do so at your own risk. The whole premise behind Installous is for a better application trial experience.

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  • Hackulo

    first to post! hehehe, kinda nice!

  • Derek

    Test it out before buying it on the app store. CLASSIC!

  • Ethyn Resausk

     Well really people do it to get free app’s. I dont think people actually “test” them and buy them.

  • Ben Schmidt

    “better application trail experience.” I believe you mean trial. People need to reread their articles before posting. 

  • Ben Schmidt

    Haha, that’s why “classic”. Wow, people these days. 

  • Hampton

    Installous isn’t downloading on my 4S 5.1.1. It attempts but a message in red appears stating “Hash Sum mismatch” after a couple minutes? I had Installous 4… 

  • Ben Schmidt

    The server is probably down from so much traffic. Try again later. 

  • Damian W

    who gives a shit?

  • Ben Schmidt

    Hey, they fixed it. Thanks!

  • ricardo

    I do :P

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  • Babiberisik

     Yeah, yeah… Heil…

  • JoelBurgos

    I love to try the full version and end up buying the games like plants bss zombies, modern combat 2 and 3 and fifa 12. I love installous

  • Max

    Hey can u get caught for using the magnets and bittorrent?

  • Gunzz99

    need little help
    i added the source but it has only installous 4 not 5 
    and there is not updates pending …
    so… how do i get installous5 ?

  • Michael Martin

    yea I cannot find anything past version 4 either…… on iphone 4s 5.1.1

  • Leurzerep_16


  • 123

    just wondering…how do i transfer my installous downloaded apps after i update to a newer ios? im trying to update to 5.1.1 for the jailbreak but i have to download all the apps again if i do so

  • 123

    yea installous 4 for me too…no 5

  • ricky

    Just wait till all the packages loads.
    Once loading is done the new version installous 5 will b there

  • Bryle Evangelista

    Whenever I install “Installous 5″, it says ”
    Hash Sum mismatch”. 

  • Mark Mufc Hewick

    taking forever to dload on my 4s any ideas ???

  • Mlminglymike318

    it work for my iphone 4 but not the 4s

  • Benjamin Gametester

    does it? well… its says hash sum mismatch for me .. how did you do?

  • du

    how can i fix hash sum mismatch ?? i cant download installous 5

  • Test2baby

    It’s not working giving an error

  • Geg

     they did? mine still isnt working

  • Www H2160

    Does not download says error plz fix

  • J-dude

    I’m getting an error whenever I try to install installous 5. It loads slow then some white words come and then red words come and it says something about Hash mismatch. I last had apps from installous 4 on itunes from my iphone 4, but I am now using a iphone 4s and those apps won’t transfer to my iphone 4s. Why is this happening?…

  • Mirco

    Same message: HASH SUM MISMATCH on my iphone 3gs 4.3.3. :S when i want download on cydia installous 4 it doesnt exist… Please help :(

  • rellish

    hash sum mismatch :( hopefully apptrackr will fix xoon…

  • KroniK

    UNINSTALL INSTALLOUS 4 THEN REINSTALL INSTALLOUS. You need to do that or else you will get errors. Once it reinstalls it will be INSTALLOUS 5

  • bleedblaqk

    -_- Hash Sum Mismatch >.< please fix…

  • Puffyball11

    same hash  sum mismatch

  • Bork

    Struggling with the same “hash sum mismatch” error on my iPhone 4S, 5.1.1. Just jailbroke it with Absinthe, and have tried most tips including restart, respring, downloading via safari+running it in iFile Installer, remove the source and add it again, reset network settings, download all the Installous updates available…
    Anything I have overlooked? (besides resetting everything to factory settings.. Something I’d rather do only as the last option)
    Any thoughts?

  • Shaunt1k

    I just jail broke my iPad 3 and tried to install installers and got the hash sum mismatch error. I tried this several times and got the error message several times. But then after like 4 times it actually worked! Just keep trying!

  • f*ck hash sum mismatch

    hash sum mismatch.. fml :(

  • PF

    I kept encountering the hash sum problem too. But I tried it a few more times, and finally it got through successfully when I tried it during the low traffic hours, during late night. Installous 5 is working fine now.

  • GeronimoX

    If you’ve connected your device to iTunes it has made backups of all your apps in your music folder look for the iTunes/iTunes media/Mobile applications folder. You can also make backups yourself with iFunbox (for windows or Mac, just google it) and reinstall them with the same program. Hope it helps!

  • Arthur Paz

    Slow servers, there’s nothing we can do.

  • Carl Sparkes

    I’m on iPhone 4s firm 5.1.1 and it’s a new jailbrake but installous will not install at all I tryed last night when network not so busy and tryed at like 3 this morning to in total I have tryed about 50 times and getting no were I have installed all other stuff it just will not do installous and weeloader any idea please

  • 123

    it helps a lot! i found all the app files i jailbroke. one more question though: how do i move the apps back to my iphone? the app doesn’t show up in itunes. thx!

  • Carl Sparkes

    Hey people I have finally got installous to go in to my 4s all I did was install all other program’s that come down with it then I rebooted then I removed the app sync 5.0+ an then rebooted the device again and reinstalled the app sync then respring it and installous went in on the second attempt as soon as it failed I just retryed

  • Luc1965

    iDo too… so when it becomes none jailbroken device, Im not loosing all my prefered apps

  • M4633

    There is no Do, only retry. – lol

    Ok so I got the hash sum mismatch on my I phone and after several attempts it downloaded and installed correctly. I’m having more of a struggle with my 1st Gen iPad, but I guess it’s just matter of tirelessly retrying. I guess something to do with traffic.
    So hang on and just retry. :)


  • Mark031988

    I tried opening installous 5, and it seems that autolock setting is not working. My setting time is for 1 minute, tried to test but nothing happen. Is it a bug? Or just normal? Thanks for the feedback.

  • GeronimoX

    I’m guessing you mean with i-funbox, ’cause if its’s with i-tunes something went wrong. Withh i-funbox just click on the apps folder on your left than right click on tthe field to your right and it says install app when you click that an explorer window opens to go where you’ve stored your apps. Glad to nbe of service!

  • Carl Sparkes

    Mark have u tryed rebooting ur device the turnin ur auto lock to never if u have and that don’t work and it still don’t work then I would try setting it to restore mode then take it back out off it and then try that as mine would not come of auto lock the first week I got it before jailbrake and Rhys what I did sorry if this does not solve ur problem

  • Carl Sparkes


  • Matt Messer412

     this happen to me, try downloading it like 3 times then respiring then try again and again and you will get it

  • Gateway1231

    Cannot download any app. There is always a pop up opening which says you have won a prize and hence cannot exit that screen and many files do not exist

  • Carl Sparkes

    It does that to me so all I did was went back in to it and the pop up dint come back up


    The same thing keeps happening to me to but after like the tenth time it finally downloads Installous 5 without F—– Hash sum mismatch interfering, so yeah u just gotta keep tying and it will eventually download

  • Graeme SR

    Jeez the hash sum mis match isn’t installous problem.

    Open Cydia
    Let it download packages (bar at top)
    Then click on “Changes” and then refresh again (just to make sure your files are ready to go)
    Now your free to go and update to new installous or install from fresh package.

    Works first time on all mine and my gf’s devices. Should fix you!

  • JamesR624

    I do. When I was on android. I loved the 15 minute trial period. Apple is just asking people to keep pirating apps by not including a trial period. Do you know how many times i’ve gotten fucked out of my money because of scams on the App Store? Maybe if apple made a trial period mandatory or ACTUALLY screened these apps so that 50% of their so called 650,000 apps ARENT SCAMS, people wouldn’t pirate so much. The App Store used to be the best app store out there, now it’s just the most expensive with no guarantee you’ll get what you paid for.

  • Liquidmetal8

    whats with the magnet thing? it just says demagnetizing for a long time.. help..?

  • Yourmom

    It is supposed to ignore the setting so u do not lose connection for big files

  • nonPirater

    I nun pirate if u pirate u gei

  • Bhkgkgf

    Prepare to be be bent over and fucked by 100 gei’s