BiteSMS 6.0 Released For iOS 5 Compatibility [Includes Dozens Of New Features]

Are your frustrated with the stock iOS 5 messages app? Well if you are you will be glad to know that on Friday the popular Cydia tweak BiteSMS was updated to version 6.0 for iOS 5 compatibility and also to introduce a ton of new features. Now, in case you have heard of BiteSMS before it is basically a complete revamped replacement to the built-in Messages application on the iPhone that allows you to reply to SMS messages inside of applications.

BiteSMS 6.0 natively integrates with iOS 5 features such as Notification Center and iMessage. Thanks to BiteSMS 6.0 integration with iMessage, this now means that BiteSMS will work on the iPod Touch. Additionally, this update brings features such as quick Compose, quick Reply, passcode lock, contact pictures and so much more!

You can take a look at all the features present in BiteSMS 6.0 by clicking here. If you are interested in downloading BiteSMS 6.0 to your iPhone or iPod Touch you will be glad to know it is currently available FREE from the following repository:

Note: The developer has noted that he has submitted BiteSMS 6.0 to the BigBoss repo so it should also appear within the Cydia changes tab soon.

The free version of BiteSMS 6.0 does have integrated ads, but you can get rid of these ads by purchasing a license for $8.99. When you purchase a license you will also receive all future BiteSMS updates for free. Did you download BiteSMS 6.0? Let us know what you thought about of it in the comments section below…

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  • Ibnuhamdan

    Have been using bitesms for more than a year. It is also among my top reasons why I jailbreak my iphone. What I like most from this app is the QuickReply function. It is awesome!…

  • faisbrain

    in the past i would say that this is a must download for anybody who has an iphone.. however now with intelliscreenx this doesnt seem to be much of a thing seeing that you can just drag down the notification center anywhere and type away with the integrated messaging feature… i’d still say that those who didnt buy intelliscreen should get this though.

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  • Mmathewson

    All the features do not seem to work!  The template and scheduling feature both do not work!  Have downloaded the file from various sites and have the same issue each time.  Otherwise it is handy.

  • Nunezg3

    my question is.. if i install bitesms on my ipodtouch 4g and text to someone iphone that doesn’t have jailbroken and that has verizon company, will that person be charged of data. i mean like that person doesn’t have bitesms and i do have bitesms, it will be free unlimmited for that person to text me.

  • Shaneovski

    Have a read of the disclaimer before you use it. They will basicall monitor everything you send, and there is ‘no-confidentiality’ which means all your data can be passed on to third parties. The idea looks great, but the fine print is a bit suss.