Download AppSync For iOS 5 To Install Cracked Apps On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

WARNING: Cracked applications are illegal. The whole premise behind cracked applications is if you would like to test an application before purchasing it from the Apple AppStore. It is expected that after you download cracked apps to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running the iOS 5 firmware that you either delete the app after testing it or purchase it from the AppStore.

AppSync is an application that allows you to sync and install cracked AppStore applications to your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. AppSync has recently been updated for the iOS 5 firmware and this means you can install cracked apps to your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad running the iOS 5 firmware. For those of you who are curious, AppSync works by patching the MobileInstallation file on the iOS 5 firmware which is need to install .ipa files (AppStore Apps) without going through iTunes.

cracked apps iOS 5 and AppSync iOS 5

AppSync for iOS 5 is only available through an external repository that must be added through Cydia. In this how to guide you will learn how to install cracked applications to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running the iOS 5 firmware using Appsync and Installous.

Install Cracked Apps iOS 5

Step 1) – In order to install cracked applications to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad you must be Jailbroken on the official iOS 5 firmware. Click here if you are not.

Step 2) – After you ensure you are Jailbroken you must launched Cydia, tap the Manage Tab, tap the Sources section and finally tap the Edit button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Step 3) – You should now see an Add Button appear in the top left corner of the screen. Tap the Add button now and type in the following source:

After typing the source above tap the Add Source button.

Step 4) – With the hackulous source now added into Cydia go into the hackulous source by tapping on it and you should see AppSync for iOS 5.0+. Install AppSync for iOS 5.0+ and then restart your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. After it has restart, launch Cydia again and install Installous for iOS 5 (Installous 4)  to your iDevice.

Congratulations. You can now download and install cracked applications to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running the iOS 5 firmware with AppSync for iOS 5.

Note: does not support cracked applications. As it is our promise to report on everything to do with Jailbreaking, however, we have a responsibility to report on such news. If you followed this guide please keep in mind installing crack applications are illegal.

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  • Mickeymouse

    HELP !! I did an install for appsync 5.0+ on 3GS but something awful happen…i was told to reboots device and it keep showing the Apple boots logo nothing has change after waiting for 5-10 minutes…what should i do…??? 

  • Me


    i use installous and appsync since ios 3.0, for me the only way that syncing cracked apps is working WAS:

    -installed installous and appsync
    -in installous it has to be enabled “itunes Sync”
    -after installed a cracked app and syncing with itunes u have to answer the popup-question in itunes “itunes has found purchased apps…blabla” with “transfer purchases” WITHOUT SETTING the mark on “dont ask again” cause if u set the mark, the next time syncing it would not work and deletes the cracked app.

    This is how it worked for me till now , please comment if somebody can tell me to do it better.

    NOW, since IOS5 and Appsync 5.0+ and installous 4.4.2 it isnt syncing that way.

    -the only way it worked for me is:

    -BEFORE syncing i have to right click on my device in itunes and say “transfer purchases”
    -then i can sync my device.

    Is this really the only way its working on ios5???

  • Edgar242

    Same thing happen to me, I have tryed booting up several times using redsn0w but it keeps showing the apple logo.  I have restored 4 times already.  Is there a specific file I should use?

  • Edward_arabian0277

    i have the same problem

  • Alrbeei

    It’s working fine,

  • Rishavhappy

    after installing installous whenever i restart my ipod touch 4g my ipod only shows me the apple logo and it does not start. what should i do????

  • Rahulg

    do a teetered reboot , everything will be alright

  • Wenly_7

    I had my jailbreak for ios 4 and I tried to upgrade to ios 5, I download the latest red snow (0.9.9b6) and try to jailbreak my iTouch but unchecking the Install Cydia option because I already have one.

    After that I tried to install AppSync for iOS 5.0+ on Cydia but when I want to install it, it says “The requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed”
    And I can only click the ‘continue queueing’ option. Anyone have the some problem or some advices?

  • Jakecool84

    Thx soooo much i was having this problem 2 but i couldn’t sync my apps, now i know how!!!!! :D

  • locomambo

    appsync 5+ not working for me i did tertereh reboot i delete and reinstall appsyn and installous and all that and i cant sync with that 

  • MAX

    HUGE problem…
    I’ve got an i-pod 4G, done jail brake, installed sydia, installous and as a part of it installed appsync. YET, everytime I sync my device it keeps erasing the installous apps…

    I’ve tryed EVERYTHING, checked and unchecked the “iTunes Sync” on the installous settings, tryed to reinstall both the installous and the appsync separatly and it keeps erasing the apps anyway…


  • Ben

    um just wondering if you were trying to sync your apps with itunes. Cause if you are not trying to sync apps with itune this stopped my apps from being deleted of the phone/ipod: TURN OFF the sync with itunes feature.

  • sadSid!

    my i phone 4 got updated to iso5, i was using it for a wile with the turbo sim, is there any ways i can get to use it again ! sad Sid !

  • E-side

    PLEASE somebody answer me: if i install appsync on my phone, that i put the iblacklist (non apple application) ipa file in itunes… if i update my iphone, i will lose the jailbreak (this ok it’s normal), but will i refind the app iBlacklist on my iphone, eventhough the phone will not be jailbroken anymore ???

  • Asd

    Load your ipsw file and then click on just boot

  • Xenezies

    I’m using a 4G iPod and it says it’s not available 

  • guest4167

    Everyone all you have to do are these simple steps
    1st step is to open up redsnow>extras>select the device restore file
    2nd step after you pick the file select just boot
    everything will be fine  if you see the pineapple logo or something else other than the apple logo

  • Bojan Djordjevic

    you should use redsnow and click “Just boot” while using your .ipsw for your current build. Jailbroken iOS5 is only tethered, which means that you need usb connected to your phone and do the things that I mentioned above.

  • Bojan Djordjevic

    I have the same problem, I think it’s because my iOS is 5.0.1, but I am not sure… It will be fixed, don’t worry

  • Atom246

    have an ipod touch 4g ios 5.0.1, used 5.0 ipsw. Have installous and appsync 5.0. i went to itunes and i hit transfer purchases, and nothing happened. itunessync is on in installous. cant seem to see the problem. Any help would be nice

  • Looneytune65

    all you have to do is after you install it click transfer purchases and itl save them

  • Bojan Djordjevic

    I would love it to be that easy, but he simply deletes them :/

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  • Vindiesel12

    you proabaly have tethered jailbreak duhhh…

  • Bajceta Jovica

    first turn off automatic syncro when you connect ipod then after you done that plugin your ipod open itunes go to File and then click on transfer purchases from (whatever your drvice is called)…works fine you idiots

  • Dbqueman

    I have jailbroken Iphone 4 (Ios 5.0.1). Managed to sync Installous to Itunes. Try to sync apps to Ipad 2 (not jailbroken) and they fail to install.  How do I solve this???

  • Peetinun

    Thanks for your post, its help full

  • Kickroxxx

    same exact problem.

  • Bondrea Alexandru

    What is POSIX:Operation timed out means:(?

  • Rockydu007de

    i don’t have a wifi connection how can i do that? plz mail me at

  • guestank

    i had a jailbroken iphone on  4.3.3 … iupdated to ios 5.0.1 … and jailbroke… but i havent installed cydia or appsync… and i tried to sync it deleted all apps… if i install installous will the problem be done with??
    cud u plz just telll me step by step wat im suppossed to do…i want those apps… and also if some appps dont have ios 5 support how can i update them??

  • KiTTYKaT

    There is a useful software call TouchCopy, it help to transfer any current cracked apps you have on your device into Itunes to save it. :) I been usng it to back up all my apps before doing any update firmware or restore my Iphone 4

  • rick m

    you still have to boot up a few times… due to some packages, but it works even better if you install “corona” 

    just do a search for it in cydia and install it =D

  • Sonu

    dear my problem is while installing installous on ios 5 in last it’s show size mismatch so what too do plzz help..

  • Sonu

    Dear are you sure after installing corona I can install the crack apps Plz tell me that how to get corona.

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  • Shortdoglt

    Try authorizing your computer. I had the same problem until I did that. Go to store on itune and click on authorize computer or something like that.

  • Nelsondasilva

    ah ah ah ah, thanks it works just fine. i really do feel like one

  • earldaniel

    plus under “files” on iTunes click “transfer purchase from iPod” .. works for me

  • Jack

    open installous, click green settings button in top right hand corner and slide the iTunes Sync option to ‘Off’

  • tom

    thx it works prefectly

  • Eric5727

    after do everything as follow the above, but when come to verify passcode, I can’t see any showing code on my iphone 4. please help???

  • Zariwala

    How do we transfer an IPA file from PC to Installous or iPhone. I want to trasfer iProtect. I got a cracked copy. The original is freakin expensive $8.99. Crazy people. Also i am hesitant using my credit card on such sites.

  • Bradley

    Whenever i transfer purchases from my iPhone(The cracked apps) to itunes then try to sync the apps from iTunes to my non jail-broken itouch it says “Was not able to install (insert name here)” is there a way I can put cracked apps from a jailbroken iphone to a non-jailbroken itouch? Both are 3g and iOS 5.

  • delicioustouch dotcom dotmy

    Wow, really works… Thanx for the nice info…

  • Fuewj

    agree with Eric me too

  • Aleš Kroutil

    If you are writing your password to command line is doesn’t show up. You just have to write it correctly and it’s done.

  • Sksa2005

    Same here password just did not show..only reflect as ?

  • Anthony

    here’s what you do. when you open itunes, right click your device (ipod 4G) and select ‘Transfer Purchases’. Now that you have transferred them to iTunes they will sync and not be deleted from the device. make sure you do this every time before syncing

  • Lena

    After jailbreak my ipad 2, I tried to download games from Installous 4, but the screen shows blank after i key in the code as requested

  • dee

    after I searched the apps from the installous, I can’t download it. So do anyone know how to solve this?

  • Loveisblinde

    what is instalious site . i want to down load  free cracked app on my pc to IPOD

  • Bob

    Can someone help me?

    I synced my apps to itunes, and restored my phone to make it factory basic.

    My *acquired* apps won’t sync, I get a message that says “xxxxxx failed to install”

    Any help?

  • watto

    i did everything it says but whenever i sync my iphone it deletes all my cracked apps?

  • Jessie Dawson

    U cnt fucking sync the apps, it will erase em all, must dwnload apps ndividualy using da fucking wifi on ipod, dat way s ok, u got et fuckface????

  • pims

    after i click on restart springboard..everything crashes down and everything disappeared from my home screen except for News stand!! help! 

  • Haris

    Same thing happend to me.

  • tuffigirl

    You’re an uneducated dick.

  • Jatin4ash


  • William George Cheng

    I searched for the AppSync and it showed me that i already downloaded it.
    Does this mean that when i downloaded installous, it came with it. And i tried to sync my itunes to my iphone, but it still showed the error report saying that i couldn’t sync the cracked apps to my phone.

  • Otimac04

    i really don,t understand on how to install free apps on my ipod 8GB am feeling so bad about it somebody please help me. thank you all.

  • Icarusve

    Your text help me about how to use Jailbreak. Thanks for this complete reference.
    Now I can use Cydia and the respective Apps.

  • Germán Fac Enfermería

    Any times is difficult to learn how to do for the iphone Apps runs. Now I can do. Thanks.

  • Vanfromjapan

    I have a jailbroken iPhone and a non jailbroken ipad2 (5.1)
    If I synch this iPad will all the apps from my phone be put on my ipad2?
    Still waiting for the ipad2 5.1 jailbreak.
    Any info would be great.

  • Bobbyallan94

    I had the same problem and it scared me shitless but all I did was do a hard reset that’s holding down the home and power button until your iPod turns off and then you turn it back on and it may take awhile but I got everything back on there

  • Death

    eh cb ! euu tink euu soo smart ah bitxh ! thr r ppl out thr who nvr jailbreak be4.. dun try to be smart.. ppl will outrun euu one dae !

  • Robert

    I have a iphone 3gs with the 5.0.1   it is jailbroken and unlocked and I purchased it from a someone and I tried to take all of his apps off and load my apps from itunes from my previous account but now I cant sync the apps and for some reason I keep getting the error message when I sync podcast they will load then erase off the ipod

  • Guest

    thanks, finally found a place that works for noknows as well. keep up the good work

  • Icarusve

     I wrote a little tutorial, can I send you it? Do you want?

  • Kevin

    THANKS Bajceta :D:D:D:D

  • Sammy

    eh cb? (illiterate much?)! *You think you’re so smart bitch, there are people out there who have never jailbroken before, don’t try to be smart, people will outrun you one day!. Death, more like dead stupid, illiterate dumbass

  • sammy

    *You can’t fucking sync the apps, it will erase them all, you must download apps individually using Wi-Fi on the ipod. (the rest is illegible). Fuckface? Your the fuckface dumb ass, you can download applications and install them through iTunes.

  • Blaze624

    jailbreak* cydia* tried* separately* 

  • Za1danonline

    ok guys heres the thing

    app sync patches the mobile installiation file to run cracked ipa files. without app sync there is no way to install cracked apps. nd to get app sync you need a JAILBROKEN idevice

  • melanie

    can it be downloaded via ios 4.2.1? please answer.

  • Junior0826

    I dont see appsync 5.0+ on the hackulo repo. Plzz help

  • Ical Isme

    I have jailbroken IOS 5.0.1 iphone 4, and already add repository hackulo too, but why there is no AppSync for IOS 5.0+ on source list only AppSync for IOS 4.0+. But when try to instal AppSync 4.0+ this prosess can’t be done couse firmware doesn’t compatible.
    Please tell me what sould I do so I can install and sync cracked appstore aplocation to my iPhone 4 IOS 5.0.1.
    If some one out there know what should I do,please contack me on

  • saya

    dont see appsync 5.0+ on the hackulo repo…mine os 5.1.1

  • Alexander

    I think i love you

  • jack94

    u reset it? all the apps still there? I hav solve it by rebooting it for abt 5-10times. Apps appear again n works. I hav oso remove the app sync and installous together but the main problem is those cracked apps still in white icons although they can be used. I try to reinstall all those free/ not cracked apps, icons appear back into original, but for those cracked apps, I cant find the method to turn it back to original icon instead of white icon. does hard reset reli help? It wont erase all ur data?

  • i need help

    my ipod wont turn on

  • sweety123

    there is no appsync for ios 5.0+ in hackulo repo. can someone help me???