Do Not Disturb Has Been Drastically Improved In This Concept From The Designer Of Auxo

The Auxo Cydia tweak is without  a doubt one of the coolest Cydia tweaks we have seen released for a long time and brought back my faith that once we see an Untethered iOS 6 Jailbreak released, hopefully more innovative tweaks will follow. In case you missed our coverage on the Auxo Cydia tweak, it essentially redesigns the App Switcher to take advantage of the iPhone 5’s larger screen with preview screenshots, an expanded media player, and toggles for wireless radios.

Now the designer behind the Auxo Cydia tweak has released a new concept that reinvents the Do Not Disturb feature that Apple first introduced in iOS 6. The functionality of Do Not Disturb has not been modified, rather the way the it is activated.

The basic idea behind Sentry’s concept involves placing a pull-to-refresh gesture within the Notification Center to activate and deactivate Do Not Disturb mode on the fly. He indeed acknowledges that fact that it can be scheduled to turn on automatically, but brings up the point that it is hardly ideal for everyone, or in every scenario.

Innovative Do Not Disturb Mode Concept From Auxo Designer

As you pull downward, the circular moon dynamically animates and eclipses into a crescent moon icon; the Do Not Disturb symbol. Releasing when it becomes a crescent will enable DND.

Sentry says that “[he] looked at the Notification Center in OS X Mountain Lion… but found it to be unintuitive to have a two step process when the original point was to make enabling DND less of a hassle. So [he] came up with this.”

Despite this being a concept right now, it will likely be turned into a Cydia tweak or addon for Auxo in the near future. With the iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak nearing, we are likely to see more and more unique tweaks like this being released into Cydia.

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