Cydia App: iNoRotate – Disable Auto-Rotate On iPhone, iPod Touch

iNoRotate is a new application in Cydia, which disables the auto-rotate within applications on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Access iNoRotate application through and either enable or disable applications.

Example: You’re laying down sideways and writing an email or SMS. The screens auto-rotates to landscape mode and you prefer portrait. Turning on iNoRotate and enable the application, disables auto-rotation for landscape mode.

iNoRotate is available in Cydia, from BigBoss repo, for FREE

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  • P Puk

    Doesn’t work for only the ipod!

  • Intertreuton

    Activation for the app isn`t well done. i should be able to activate via sb-settings like rotation inhibitor, so that I am not forced to close the app. For example it is not possible with this App to keep Landscape Mode inside my Navigation-App, because I have to quit and restart, so that now I can`t reach Landscape Mode. Not useful.

  • Caesar

    Only thing I want it for is the iPod app and it doesn’t work for that (iPhone 4 iOS 4.1)