Chpwn Gives An Update On iOS 5 Compatibility For His Cydia Tweaks [LIST]

Whenever there is an update to Apple’s iOS, and the subsequent jailbreak is released, developers are inundated with requests about when their tweaks will be updated for the latest firmware. Developer Grant Paul (also known as “chpwn“) has posted a list on his blog, giving everyone an update on where he’s at with all of his tweaks in iOS 5.

Here is the post:

Here’s the status of all my stuff on iOS 5. If you haven’t heard of any of these before and want to check them out: search in Cydia, they’ll all show up and should all work on iOS 4.2 or 4.3. Feel free to send me a support email from Cydia if you have any issues or questions, for paid products I try and respond within a few hours if I’m not sleeping.

I’m going to keep this post updated for all the latest status updates to each of them, so be sure to check back here.

Paid Extensions

  • GridlockFull iOS 5 support.
  • VoiceActivatorFull iOS 5 support.
  • Infinidock: Does not work. Development status: investigating best way to upgrade.
  • Infiniboard: Does not work. Development status: basic functionality works, but buggy.
  • Infinifolders: Does not work. Development status: basic functionality works, but buggy.

Free Extensions

  • IconSupportFull iOS 5 support. (Via @ashikase, who did the iOS 5 work: thanks!)
  • WebscrollianFull iOS 5 support.
  • No Page DotsFull iOS 5 support.
  • MobileVolumeSoundFull iOS 5 support.
  • No BookmarksFull iOS 5 support.
  • Five Icon SwitcherFull iOS 5 support.
  • Full WebClipsFull iOS 5 support.
  • InternalizerFull iOS 5 support.
  • No Folder BadgesFull iOS 5 support.
  • Empty Folder IconsUnknown. Let me know?
  • Colloquy Tab CompleteUnknown. Let me know?
  • Covert: Does not work, but similar functionality is included in iOS 5.
  • ListLauncher: Does not work.
  • Switcherscape: Does not work.
  • AppSlide: Does not work.

There is also a Google spread sheet with a thorough list of Cydia tweaks and apps that are working/not working, and will be kept updated as everything is ported over to iOS 5.

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  • Chad

    No badges doesn’t work on ios 5, I have installed though don’t know if thats the problem

  • Chad

    Sorry Ive installed a theme through winterboard

  • Don

    Gridlock does not seem to work within ios 5 folders. It’s fine outside.


    I am having an issues with Gridlock.  On IOS 4.3 I was able to reboot and respring and all of my icons would stay on the second page (I have bosspaper showing a slideshow on my first page).  With IO5 Gridlock works but when I respring or reboot, all of the icons move to the first page.  Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?