Learn How To Change Your Default Password On iPhone And iPod Touch In OpenSSH

OpenSSH is an application that allows you to transfer files from your iPod Touch or iPhone to your computer over WiFi. It is extremely useful for developers, installing complicated WinterBoard themes, examining data and much much more. OpenSSH is a great application, and it allows you to open up and view your iPod Touch or iPhone’s file system. However just recently it was discovered that a hacker found a way to use openSSH to install virus’s and steal sensitive data from users who had installed the application without changing their default password. In this post we are going to learn how to change your password in openSSH.

**Note please read the following post before installing openSSH. While openSSH is fairly safe and stable if you change your default password it can still lead to security issues…


Downloading And Installing OpenSSH

Downloading and installing openSSH is an extremely simple process!

Step 1) – Launch Cydia from your SpringBoard, and then go into the search panel and type in “OpenSSH”. Click on the openSSH icon from your search results and you will now have the option to install it.

Step 2) – Click install openSSH and once it finishes installing hit the finish button.

Step 3) – With openSSH now installed we must install one more application. Go back into the search panel and type in “terminal”. Click the terminal icon when it comes up from the search results and click to install it. After it finishes installing restart your iphone by holding down the power button for up to 5 seconds and sliding the shut down button across the screen.

Step 4) – Congratulations you have just installed openSSH!

Changing Our OpenSSH Password

We have now installed openSSH, but before we can learn how to use openSSH we must change the default defined password to something of our choice. This will ensure maximum security from virus threats and it will keep your iPhone safe.

Step 1) – For this next step we are going to have to launch the terminal application; you should see the Terminal icon on your SpringBoard.

Step 2) – Once the terminal application loads we are going to type in the following commands (these commands are case sensitive so type them exactly as shown below).




(enter a password of your choice)

Step 3) – we have now successfully changed our openSSH password. Click anywhere on the terminal screen and click the exit icon to quit the terminal application. Make sure you don’t forget this password as there is no way to recover it once it is lost.

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