Apptivator Cydia Tweak Brings Smart App Launching To Your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad!

Apptivator is a new tweak that was released into Cydia recently that will bring smart app launching to your iDevice. Meaning you can configure certain apps to have a dual app launching ability.

For example: You can configure the to launch SBSettings upon double tapping it, or you can configure the to launch qtweeter upon double tapping it.

You can even specify certain apps to control certain aspects of your iDevice like pausing/playing music.

As you have most likely figured out Apptivator was inspired by the activator tweak which allows you to control certain aspects of your iDevice through configurable gestures/button taps. Apptivator just allows you to do this in a new and unique way. To get a better understanding of the Apptivator tweak we reccomened you check out the YouTube video below:

If you are interested in the Apptivator tweak you can find it through the Cydia Store for a price of $2.00. Let us know what you think of the Apptivator tweak in the comments section below…

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  • ron2k_1

    This one is interesting.  I really don’t mind to try few additional options to my current list of apps.  However, I must say this.  It’s not that I’m trying to hate or anything… But why do developers insist on trying to make a buck out of simple tweaks like this.  Activator seems to be a more practical and with a really wide variety of options to choose from, and this one is FREE.  Just my 2c.