Activator Updated To v1.4.6 – Updated Localizations and Bug Fixes

Ryan Petrich, iPhone developer behind Display Recorder, Action Menu, HapticPro, ProSwitcher, Display Out, and a handful of other applications, updated Activator to version 1.4.6. Nothing major new, just minor bug fixes and updated localizations.

What is Activator? It’s a common library for activation of apps and plugins. Basically it allows you to assign gestures to launch specific apps installed from Cydia. Example:

Home Button – Double Press, Short Hold, Single Press

Motion – Shake Device – Shake and Bake! (Ricky Bobby :P )

Sleep Button – Double Press, Short Hold

Slide In Gesture – Screen Bottom – Left or Right

SpringBoard – Icon Pinch, Icon Spread

Status Bar – Double Tap, Hold, Swipe Down, Swipe Left, Swipe Right

Volume Buttons – Display Tap, Down, Up or Up, Down

Activator is available in Cydia via BigBoss repository for free.


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  • Stevew_f

    Activator 1.4.6 (installed as part of SBSettings) took over my headset button. Now I can’t use dbl-click to change to next track while listening to music.

    Ipod Touch G4, iOS4.1

  • Stevew_f

    I should have offered more in my previous comment (sorry, was rushing, not cool of me).

    First. SBSettings is superb. It gives us shortcuts and opens doors that the device’s mfr left shut (which they do sometimes seemingly purposefully, arrogantly), amking it that much more lovable. Activator, too, is very cool, also for similar reasons.

    The only reason I uninstalled Activator (and thereby also uninstalled the beautiful SBSettings) is to re-enable the “next track” and “previous track” functions on my headset’s middle button. It seems that Activator/SBSettings/libactivator nullified the button’s double- and triple-click events.

    I’m hoping that I can end up with versions of the software that still allow me those functions, which I deem high-priority, since they enable me to manage music playback while it’s still in my pocket, and without requiring that I look at it.

    And, what I left out of my previous comment: thanks to the devs for the wonderful work.

    iTouch 4G (model MC544LL)
    iOS 4.1 (8B117)
    SBSettings 3.11 (that’s the last update reported in the changelog, anyway), with accompanying Actviator
    Blackra1n (version downloaded 9 Nov 2010)

  • Anonymous

    1.4.6 says it’s not totally compatible with my new jailbreak on iP4 for 4.2.1 and it’s making quite a few apps crash the phone.. i hope there is an update soon

  • Adam

    Same prob as Stevew_f!