Activator Updated To v1.4.2 – Assign Gestures To Launch Applications

Earlier today Ryan Petrich pushed out an update to Activator (version 1.4.1) and many users commented that after updating, SpringBoard continuously crashed. I updated my 3GS running iOS 3.1.3 and didn’t experience any crashes, although I used my iPhone very little today. A few hours ago, Ryan tweeted that he released another update, version 1.4.2 to replace version 1.4.1. There’s no official changelog, but reading comments on Twitter, it seems this new version fixes those crashes to SpringBoard.

Latest changelog:

  • Support for Headset buttons
  • Support for iOS4.0
  • Support for Apple’s switcher
  • Support for SBSettings toggles
  • Optimized settings pane
  • Updated localizations
  • Fix double-height status bar incompatibility
  • Hide iPod button when locked (security hole)
  • Avoid the sandbox entirely
  • Settings pane API for BigBoss
  • Speedup process launch slightly
  • Improved respiring time
  • Reduced memory use

Activator is available in Cydia via BigBoss repository for free.


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