PhoneCloser Cydia Tweak Will Prevent Your iPhone From Opening After Receiving A Call

Have you ever been annoyed by the fact that whenever you receive a phone call on your iPhone, the remains open after your call is finished? If you have, a new tweak has been released into Cydia with the purpose of preventing the from opening when you receive a call. This tweak is called PhoneCloser and was developed by a developer who goes by the name of Eimji. If this is a tweak you are interested in, you will be glad to know it is available free through Cydia!


If you installed PhoneCloser on your iPhone, let us know your thoughts on this free tweak!

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  • Pepper

    This is a great tweak! I was so sick of the phone still being there after I was done with a call.

  • Øystein Guneriussen

    Wow, this is an amazing tweak, thank you so much! Yet another set of options that ought to become standard.