A New Tweak to Change the way you Type on your iDevice! [EightKeys]

Today a new tweak was released into Cydia that will change the way you type on your iDevice. It’s typing concept is that there is 8 large keys shown when you are going to type something, and each of the eight keys when clicked leads you to individual letters. Example: One large key will show ERUQ, and when you click that key you will then be shown smaller keys with those letters. Personally when I installed EightKeys I was expecting something a little bit different, and after trying to get used to the new typing experience, I found it difficult. I unfortunately uninstalled the tweak for this reason, but if you want to experience a new way to type on your iDevice, I suggest that you try out EightKeys.

Eightkeys comes with the following features:

  • Eight large difficult-to-miss keys for typing letters and symbols
  • You can now focus on the text you edit. No need to keep watch on key strokes and autocorrect suggestions.
  • Take control of the words you type. Freely type slangs and non-English names.
  • Type on the go
  • Type blind
  • Designed for both landscape and portrait mode. Can be used with one or two thumbs

If you are interested in EightKeys, it is available free via the BigBoss repo. Let us know if you liked the new typing experience of EightKeys.

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  1. Wilson Wong says:

    swype would still be better, if only…

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