A Quick Look at BlackRa1n for a 4.0 firmware Jailbreak

If you have been hearing the rumors of a 4.0 jailbreak circulating the net, you haven’t been misinformed. There are a lot of rumors right now and a lot of proof that the iPad and the 4.0 firmware have been jailbroken. First we here from musclenerd that the Spirit Jailbreak will soon be readily available, and then we get news that Geohot is going to update his BlackRa1n application to support up to the 4.0 firmware. The question is now, when will we see any of these new jailbreaking programs? Well unfortunately the answer to that question is one that a lot of people may not want to hear. As you probably already know the dev-team has validated the the Spirit jailbreaking program will be able to jailbreak all devices as an untethered jailbreak. This means that the dev-team/comex has either found a new exploit in the actual bootloader of the iPhone/iPod Touch or another exploit along the same lines. This means that technically the new 4th generation devices coming out in June should be vulnerable to this same exploit. Which also means they will most likely hold off on releasing their new Spirit tool until the new 4th generation devices are released (all the way in June)…

Which when you think about it is actually a good idea. Even though it leaves tethered jailbreakers out for a couple more months, at least you finally know that a solution is coming…whats a couple more months of tetheredness going to do? The real thing that I am wondering however is what are they going to do about the iPad jailbreak. They can’t possibly hold off till June before releasing a jailbreak for the iPad. Will they release a separate program or will they actually  just hold off until June. What do you think the dev-team will do?

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